Typical House Additions

If your family is growing or you just need more space, a home improvement may be a cost-effective way to achieve your wants. Home additions can be a lavish or functional alternative, but whatever the case, the expense is an investment which can potentially increase the value of your premises. Improvement yields vary, according to the property’s location and the addition’s function, but based on a survey by Realtor.org, homeowners can expect to recover about 64% of their project’s cost.


A wood deck is perhaps the cheapest method to add value to your property. According to Remodeling magazine, the average domestic cost to bring a wood deck is approximately $10,000. However, homeowners can expect to recover about 82% of the cost. A combo deck costs marginally more and includes a lower yield yield. The identical survey reported that the national average cost of a composite deck inclusion is over $15,000 and yields a yield of 74 percent.


For growing families, adding a bedroom by refinishing an attic or basement, or by physically adding a new room may be more cost-effective than purchasing and moving into a new home. Not all bedroom additions are made equal, however. Based on Remodeling, a master suite prices normally $100,000 but produces a normal yield of 66 percent on resale value, while the average cost of an attic bedroom is $43,000 and contains a mean yield of 74 percent. One proposed strategy is to search for large enclosed spaces which can be shut off by building a new wall. By way of example, homeowners could invest $400 to get a new wall installation but boost their home value by approximately $40,000.


According to repainting, the normal cost of a garage addition is $57,000 and yields a mean yield of 67 percent. Garage prices vary based on type and finish. Some garages are constructed with complete electrical outlets and finished walls, while other garages are merely a shell of their space. If the addition involves stretching or building a new roof, then costs related to adding a suitable ventilation system need to be considered. Homeowners also have the option of building a carport, which is a simpler and cheaper solution to get a vehicle shelter.


Bathroom additions cost on average $38,000 and generate a mean return of approximately 64 percent, based on Remodeling. Much like any improvement, the cost of building a new bathroom will vary based on size, complete and the complexity of the project, because plumbing is thrown into the equation. In accordance with Remodel or Move, several types of toilets have special size requirements. A powder room (or half-bath) should be at least 18 square feet. A bathroom with a shower should be at least 30 square feet. And a bathroom with a shower and bathtub needs to be at least 35 square feet.

Family Room/Sunroom

A family area may cost more to build but has a greater return on investment. According to Remodeling, a household room prices normally $81,000 to build but produces a yield of about 66 percent. On the flip side, a sunroom prices normally $72,000, but homeowners can expect to recoup about 57 percent on their investment.

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