Mid-Atlantic Gardener's September Checklist

Mid-Atlantic Gardener's September Checklist

September is a season of abundance and a season of winding down into a new phase in the garden. Enjoy the fruits of your own labor and allow yourself to enjoy the days outside.

Whether you are harvesting leafy greens , allowing pumpkins ripen or just sitting on the rear deck with a glass of tea, September is the month to enjoy your bounty and soak in the very last days of summer and the very first days of autumn. This is the time when those days are not too hot and not too cold, but just right. Don’t let them pass you by!

Amy Renea

Cool-Season Crops Get Their Chance

With the children back to college and also the temperatures dipping just a little, it is time to initiate the autumn harvest and count on cool-season plants. Broccoli, kale and a second set of peas would be the newest kids on the block this month in the garden.

Amy Renea

King of the garden at this time is chard, which range in colors from brilliant yellows, reds and pinks into the classic giant white. I maintain snipping at those leaves of chard for smoothies that are green and the plants continue producing. If spinach gets eaten up by bugs in your garden or visit seed too fast, attempt chard all summer and fall for a great alternative.

Amy Renea

Vining Plants Have Their Time in the Sun

If you look closely below those large leaves of pumpkins and other types of squash, you will notice green fruit growing at an incredible speed. Some may be eaten green since you would summer squash (attempt acorn squash this manner ) while others are best left to ripen on the vine. Jarrahdale pumpkins, the blue-skinned heirlooms, are my favorite hearty pumpkin this season.

Amy Renea

If you’ve got more gourds than you understand what to do with, go ahead and let them grow to maturity. Set them aside to dry all winter and you’ll have the perfect house for birds next spring.

Amy Renea

Get Plants Ready for Winter

Hanging ferns, window box plantings and annuals might start to brown by the end of this month. Go ahead and let them stay outside until the day temps start hovering in the low 40s. If frost seems imminent, it’s best to receive them inside, but outside is best as long as possible if you are going to overwinter your favorites.

Amy Renea

Succulents also need a close attention this time of year. Some can overwinter outside, but tropical succulents will need to come inside at the first sign of frost. These plants can endure a very light frost, but chilly temperatures may kill off the very best growth. A wilted aloe vera isn’t a wonderful sight, so get them inside if temperatures fall.

Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC

One Last Hurrah for your Garden

The final of the summertime are winding down, for instance, gorgeous areas of echinacea and most of those purple-spiked plants. Permit the seed heads to develop to feed the birds to sow for the next season’s garden. Alternatively, chop those heads off should you hate the appearance of drying seed heads. (Just try to hide from the lingering gazes of birds when you really do: They need those seeds)

Amy Renea

Old Plants Refresh the Garden

September is a great time to start bulking up the compost bin. You will have a large number of spent annuals to toss in the heap, husks and cobs of sweet corn and much more leaves than you can shake a stick at. Be certain that you use them. If you don’t have time to earn a correct mulch bin, then just pile everything in a rear corner of the yard and let nature take over. By spring, you’ll be astonished the way the heap has reduced and changed to a crumbly brown soil change.

Amy Renea

If you are lucky, you might be harvesting a second harvest of strawberries. Go ahead and enjoy a few, but leave the majority of them on so the plant begins its descent to dormancy.

Amy Renea

So enjoy the past few blossoms of summer and enjoy eating the bounty you’ve worked for many summer. Start placing the garden to break and recycle all those plants, for next year will come sooner than you think. Whatever you decide to spend your time , do it outside and make the most of these gorgeous early fall days.

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Reshape Your Space

Reshape Your Space

When it comes to home d├ęcor the eye can be fooled into many ways, and among the most critical techniques for producing visual effects is the use of colour. Color, using its power improve and to conceal, will help you produce a dramatic impact without the need for structural alteration.

In this ideabook, I will explain to you how you can use colour to modify your room’s proportions, camouflage or boost an area, or earn a ceiling appear higher or lower. Let’s explore colour combinations that make the difference.

Lower a ceiling. The height of a ceiling can affect the sensation of a room, making it look less romantic. You can fool the eye by visually changing the height by painting a ceiling. Paint your ceiling such as the taupe colour featured in this picture, in a warm colour, then paint the walls in a cool contrast shade.

John Lively & Associates

Add height into a ceiling. If your ceiling seems too low, then there are several methods of making it appear bigger. It is being painted by one of them in a mild, receding color, such as a pale blue. Another suggestion is currently using paint using a finish. The ceiling of the kitchen has been painted that way; the reflection of the light creates an awareness of space.

Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

In this room, a ceiling imitating the colour of the skies added height and space. Curtains, cushions, straightforward prints and other accessories add subtle splashes of colour.

The Lettered Cottage

Insert breadth. A narrow room can benefit from horizontal lines that make space and persistence. To achieve this result, use the same tonal value for the two colors, but be sure one is clearly lighter than the other.

CDA Interior Design

In cases like this, horizontal lines produce the feeling of more space by drawing on the eye on the windows.

Celia James

Large mirrors or polished surfaces create the feeling of more space by representing the image of more living areas. Choose a neutral palette and keep things simple and uncluttered.

Claudia Leccacorvi

Create a room feel warmer. Deep colors help make a cozy area. Here, an inviting, restful room is created by a shade of brown along with gold and green colours.


Conceal unsightly items. Use colour to camouflage features you do not like. Paint what you would like to hide in the exact same colour as the background and see it virtually go away. A radiator disappears.

More Ways to Make Peace With Your Radiator

Julie Williams Design

Boost features. If there is something you love in your home and would like to show it even more, try improving it with colour. By painting it another shade, the feature — in this case a fireplace — will soon become the focal point.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Add measurements in a squared room. Many houses have boxy spaces that can be difficult to improve. By producing a focal point — painting a wall in a strong shade or with bold drapes — you can ease the feel.

More guides to working with colour and pattern

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12 Ways Using a Bedroom Fireplace

12 Ways Using a Bedroom Fireplace

Although I am the first one to sing the praises of central heating, a little part of me thinks it is a shame that this modern convenience did its part to leave bedroom fireplaces unnecessary. What is more pleasing, and more calming, than cozying up to a hearth at the comfort of your boudoir? Fortunately, this tiny luxury has enjoyed a resurgence in recent decades, and now there are all kinds of creative methods to make it happen. Read these thoughts for inspiration.

Gast Architects

As a result of the formal furniture structure, this space has the feel of a living room that only happens to incorporate a bed.

More: Watch the latest bedroom photographs | Locate an interior designer

Jensen Architects

Yes, you might have a fireplace at a very small bedroom. Herea grid of white tiles onto the surround reinforces the powerful architecture of the room; the gourd-shaped light fixture adds needed curves. Fireplaces do confine furniture positioning, therefore tucking the bed into the bay window and incorporating built-in storage are smart choices.

Call it”mountain mod.” This chamber marries the top of this lodge look (antler chandelier, stacked-stone fireplace, exposed beams) with modern accents like the Barcelona seat.

And now for a completely different take on stacked stone. The discreet fireplace and warm tones in its surrounding wall actually bring this minimalist area to existence, yet blend with all the jaw-dropping views in the window .

Globus Builder

A chrome-trimmed fireplace adds to the positive, modern feel of the area and infuses it with a touch of elegance.

Tracery Interiors

This limestone surround feels unfussy, yet makes an announcement. Additionally, it does not overwhelm the monochromatic palette or the blank, uniform styling of the shelves (I am enjoying that white-paper-covered book technique).

Tracery Interiors

The way this fireplace is tucked inside its own niche, complete with bookshelves on both sides, makes it feel as a Lilliputian library. I can see stretching out on a thick, soft blanket directly front of it and becoming lost in a book for hours.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

A freestanding fireplace accentuates this area’s old-fashioned, very American charm. It feels nearly Colonial in its spareness, yet of this moment.

Gregory Carmichael

Some rooms are just, classically pretty. They don’t shout; they whisper. This retreat, with its amazing millwork, controlled palette, and unassuming fireplace illuminates the walls, falls within that category.

Lewin Wertheimer

A little, convex corner hearth is a great way to maximize space and include architectural interest.

This rustic look is pitch-perfect for the cabin-style setting. I can almost feel my tootsies becoming caked as I imagine snuggling within that window seat. And I love that the fireplace doors come with built-in mesh panels, eliminating the need for a screen.

The arrangement here, with a small sofa pushed contrary to the food of the bed, is somewhat unconventional, but it functions. You could bask in the fireglow just as well from both spots.

Make Your Fireplace the Focal Point

Surround Your Fireplace With Tile, Brick or Stone

9 Portable Fireplaces

Mantel Mania: Sprucing the Space Above Your Fireplace

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Tangerine Tango: 4 Ways to Use Pantone's Colour of the Year

Tangerine Tango: 4 Ways to Use Pantone's Colour of the Year

Next year, it is all about tangerine. Pantone, the layout world’s authority on colour identification, today announced its much-anticipated Color of the Year for 2012 –Tangerine Tango, a stunning reddish orange with a favorable energy and warmth. Although it can be intimidating at first, this attention-grabbing orange is a surprisingly flexible hue. Whether you are a tangerine addict and can’t wait to outfit an area in all-orange, or if you’re still getting accustomed to this bold colour, there are loads of simple recommendations to integrate Tangerine Tango in your home.

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

1. Embrace tangerine from floor to ceiling. This reddish orange hue is warm, cheerful, and inviting. If you agree with Pantone and have fallen in love with Tangerine Tango, go all out and use the bold color for an whole room. This chamber tones it down a little with more neutral accents — such as khaki, brown and black.


Tangerine Tango PANTONE 17-1463. This color is deeper, bolder and more reddish than your average orange, but it can still go with many of the same colours it pairs with.

Using tangerine in the walls in this area transformed it into a vibrant nook to sit down and revel in the view.

Do not be scared to play with the same colour in various tones. Sometimes a lot of one colour can appear a little scary, but the deep tangerine walls and red ceiling produce a visually intriguing space.

Vanessa De Vargas

Colours of Pantone’s tangerine can be great for bedrooms. Consider mixing it with white and patterns to break up the space and blend with other vivid colors for thickness.

Fiorella Design

2. Add abrupt pops of color with paint. Not sure if you’re all set to go all tangerine? Have a tip from this designer and use it on just one wall. It goes with warm and cool colours, and is not difficult to paint if you become tired of it.

Jesse Im/bugonmyleaf

Painting your front door a happy hue of heavy tangerine is a fantastic way to draw guests in your home. If you’ve got a more neutral exterior shade — such as gray, khaki, or brown — a contrasting tangerine doorway is the perfect method to set your home apart from the other homes on the road.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Have you ever thought about using this spicy tangerine from the kitchen? It may seem to be a little odd choice at first, but if used sparingly enjoy this, the outcome is warm and modern.


If you’ve got a more traditionally styled home, try taking a bit of a danger with tangerine accents. The bright coffered ceiling and dining chair backs take this dining area to another level.


When you’ve got a smaller area in your home, painting it tangerine can help it stand out. Pick out only the ideal color to mesh with the remainder of your home’s decoration, and add a few fitting accents to maintain a uniform appearance.

Burnham Design

3. Create a subtle tangerine motif with accessories. If you love tangerine but prefer to keep your ceilings and walls neutral, then tie in the colour with products. It is surprising just how many colour palettes this colour goes with. The orange accessories in this area warm up the blue, green and glow in this area.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

If you find one tangerine textile you love, use it as a base for different accessories in that area. The colour alone ties together the curtains and the carpet in this area, although the patterns are very different. Tangerine knickknacks on the shelf bring the whole room together.

Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors

Sometimes you do not need more than a few straightforward bits to create a large announcement. The side tables and pillows in this area add a pop of the rich tangerine colour to the retro-inspired space.

4. Keep it simple with accessories. Still want more convincing to get about the tangerine train? With a few basic accessories at the vivid orange shade can still integrate this warm, energizing hue in your home.

A few tangerine towels along with a paper crane maintain this blue-striped toilet from looking too chilly.

For People design

It is wonderful how much an easy throw may change the appearance of a room. Neatly folded blankets tucked into chairs can quickly take them out of boring to inviting.

More color inspiration:
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Fantastic Compositions: The Dogtrot House

Fantastic Compositions: The Dogtrot House

The dogtrot house is one of the most iconic kinds of national vernacular architecture in the Southern U.S. Its lineage can be traced to the one-room square log cottages along the hills of Appalachia. As household life and operational needs expanded, the farmer simply added another cottage and connected the two with a common sheltering roof. And, once the old dog had been too hot to trot, as they state, the covered breezeway was the ideal escape from the region’s engulfing heat and humidity. Therefore, the title”dogtrot” was born to describe a new kind of domestic structure permanently linked to the South.

I grew up in the rural Piedmont of the Carolinas, so scenes of deserted tenant houses, sharecropper’s shacks, and dog trots were the regular structure of my childhood. They were modest, poetic, and just amazing, without pretense. An extremely operational need was provided for with the simplest of means, and that is the essential lesson.

Architects so seldom succeed in making buildings as well positioned and beautiful since the vernacular structures left behind by frontiersmen and farmers. Now, a few architects have found ways to reinterpret these kinds for modern living by opening the central room to the landscape and breezes.

An exquisite Texas house by Lake | Flato Architects, the Cross Timbers Ranch has a broad sheltering roof on a massive outdoor breezeway. Enclosed living space is relatively modest when compared with the amount of coated open air space, which for the majority of the year is just as livable as the inside.

Here’s a precedent. The historical John Looney House in Asheville, Alabama is a rare surviving example of a two-story dogtrot. Here is the iconic type with a view directly through the center of the house. Clearly evident are just two cubic cottage forms on each side of the breezeway.

Fireplaces were nearly always placed at the ends. One negative was for sleeping, and also alternative for cooking and dining. The open center was the living and sitting space and was obviously chilled as breezes were dragged into each side through open doors.

Lake Flato Architects

San Antonio-based Lake | Flato Architects has designed a modular system of small structures which may be flexibly arranged on a website in line with the needs of their proprietor. Here at the Miller Ranch, a dogtrot structure includes an open living space and kitchen separated in the master suite across the breezeway. A detached guest pavilion is set to create an inner courtyard.

The Texas climate is well suited to an arrangment of small individual one-room-deep pavilions with cross ventilation, similar to the historical vernacular precedent.

Lake Flato Architects

The dogtrot can be seen here at the far end of the open living space with the master suite outside that. The one-room deep distance is almost entirely made up of windows and doors which open along each side. This is the right reaction to a humid and hot climate.

Lake Flato Architects

A strong line of sight is created by well-considered positioning of each pavilion set within an axis only off center from a beautiful old tree.

I ardently think that the landscape would be your architect’s most trusted and loyal companion!

Lake Flato Architects

Operable sliding louvered panels permit privacy and the ability to regulate the sun and atmosphere when needed.

I could imagine these being equipped with insect screens, creating a sleeping porch for cool fall nights.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

This South Carolina home is large and broad, however, the open center pulls the eye along with the breeze right through it. The pool puts up a wonderful axis and reflects the timeless formality of the home.

Frederick + Frederick Architects

The distance transitions to a seating area where furniture can be used to fortify the lines of this structure. The eye carries on through porch, pool and outside to into the coastal marsh.

Philpotts Interiors

Roll-up doors disappear, opening this dining table space to the ocean on one side along with the entry path on the opposite. A set of tall urns fortify the hardness and axial focus of this single point perspective.

Moroso Construction

This contemporary home also places the dining room in the open space and puts up an axial relationship of furniture and architecture. Good designers look for ways to produce both match each other.

House Port LLC/Hally Thacher

Here, the elements of a timeless dogtrot house are accomplished by returning the outside walls of each self-contained space to the breezeway. A set of twin buildings are attached only by a roof, also appears to stay completely open during all seasons.

Dara Rosenfeld Design

While not a true dogtrot, this home follows the notion with a large, spacious, cross-ventilated central living space.

Josh McCullar Architects

Brett Zamore Studio in Houston developed the”Shot Trot” house for a hybrid between the shotgun and the dogtrot. Like a shotgun house, the narrow end faces the road, however, the open breezeway is oriented towards the side yard and an extended deck.

Josh McCullar Architects

A deck extends from one side, and also the living room expands outward in the spring and fall. During the humid and hot period of summertime, these louvers act as sunscreens, filtering light to the inside.

Josh McCullar Architects

Here’s a glimpse inside the Shot Trot house.

Mike Connell

This single-story board-and-batten ranch house appears very typical at first glance, however, the breezeway frames the opinion of a mountain canyon.

Mike Connell

Here, the opinion of the canyon can be appreciated under an open beam roof with a skylight. The narrow long table extends the eye outward as the traces of the roof structure push down, converging at a remote point in space.

Feldman Architecture, Inc..

My favorite variations of this dogtrot house have always been those with fireplaces inserted to the center. I also just happen to enjoy a good fireplace — it stokes my heart! It allows use of this open space during cooler weather, so allowing you to feel both the cool breeze and the warmth of an open fire. There’s just something so satisfying about that.

This chimney stands in one opening of a dogtrot, instead of being a part of the inside wall. It becomes a two-sided fireplace, and also the central space is a place to gather family and friends for a weekend escape in Mississippi.

Design by Waggonner and Ball Architects

Josh McCullar Architects

The two-story dogtrot precedent has inspired this notion for a coastal modern escape. A large common roof was made to shelter two wooden louvered sleeping cabanas on each side of a central breezeway, on axis with the fireplace. On the shore, the fireplace will be a gathering place on cool spring or fall evenings. The second floor deck joins the cabanas, along with a back kitchen and dining area will open to the pool and lawn.

Robert Young Architects

The calmness of an interior, exposed roof structure, and side walls which open make this dwelling area cool and calming.

When designing a home, vernacular precedent such as the dogtrot house can offer time-tested lessons of introducing light and air into the center of the home.

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Living La Vida Local

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Today's Icons: The Hicks Pendant Light

Today's Icons: The Hicks Pendant Light

It’s actually tough to select a light fixture now, mostly because there are so many excellent options available on the market. One option that is a no-brainer is that the Hicks Pendant. It’s a very simple fixture that’s filled with style, and the different finishes and sizes available allow it to fit into just about any scale or manner of room. Designed by Thomas O’Brien, this hanging globe oozes his iconic American Modern style.

Circa Lighting

Extra Big Hicks Pendant – $693

In bronze and classic hand-rubbed brass, the ring takes on a vintage-modern look.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

The Hicks pendant is available in small, large, and extra large. Here, a single extra-large pendant hung low over a small dining table creates a big statement.

Design By Lisa

The large size works well when hung manner overhead, like this high-ceilinged kitchen. The globe shape means that the ring can fit directly into mid century modern style rooms.

Amoroso Design

The smaller size is best to use in multiples, also functions well over kitchen islands.


The polished nickel finish has a sleeker, more modern look.

Echelon Custom Homes

Here, hand-rubbed classic brass finish on the fixture increases the warm glow of the kitchen.

Palmerston Design Consultants

Here the designer has saved nightstand space by hanging a Hicks Pendant in lieu of a table lamp. In this photo, you are able to realize that the unique chain has rectangular links, which play off the pendant’s rounded shape.

Brand New Take: Sconces and Pendants and Bedside Lights
Bright Light, Big Lantern
Dramatic Lighting for Low Ceilings

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Decorate Your House With Colors That Make You Smile

Decorate Your House With Colors That Make You Smile

1 reason I really like color is because it’s a strong ability to change your mood. In these dayswe hear a lot about locating our”happy location.” That could be a state of mind, but it can also be a physical area. Using striking colours and patterns can create an area that makes us smile. Vibrant hues have a tendency to lift spirits the most because their intensity naturally generates energy. But, any color or color combination that is not considered regular can lift our spirits. So, in your pursuit of happiness, I hope these photographs will keep you motivated.


There’s certainly nothing ordinary about this gorgeous bedroom. Yellow is the ultimate color of hope and happiness. When it’s combined with zesty lime green, coral and lighthearted patterns, these elements produce a palette filled with warmth and fuzzy feelings.

Peregrine Design Build

A mix of punchy colours is a certain way to produce a delightful space. Not only is the shelving unit functional, it also serves as a cheery focal point.

Scheer & Co..

This gorgeous yellow-and-white striped workspace reminds its occupants not to take things seriously. Working can be stressful, but it is wonderful to have a fun, colorful wall which inspires you to smile.

See more of this Home

Kids are encouraged by color, likely more than adults. I can’t think of anything at a kid’s room more exciting than an amazing wall mural. This life-sized Candy Land game board brings much color and whimsy to this area, making miles of smiles.

Wen-Di Interiors

This is another fun idea for a kid or teenager’s bedroom. This type of multi-colored accent wall would also include a dose of merriment into a dining room, living room or laundry room.

It is difficult to stay in a bad mood when you are sitting on a glowing yellow couch. In a grey space, which can occasionally feel drab, a lemon couch can immediately give you a sunny mood.

Moon Design + Build

Since purple is my favorite color, I’m having serious desk envy! Being surrounded by your best-loved hues has been proven to improve productivity and keep you in a good mood.


Stikit Tape Dispenser in 4 colours – $18.50

This is a good example of how to look at little things in a different way. Something as straightforward as a tape dispenser can be a colorful, mood-enhancer in your home. Look around and find those areas where it is simple to inject color into your life. It could very well lead one to your happy location.

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