To Hide Those Messy Wires

To Hide Those Messy Wires

As we all become more and more tethered to our digital devices, wire direction is a challenge just about everyone faces. It’s especially tough when trying to achieve timeless, uncluttered design. Who wants to see wires mucking a beautiful composition?

Thankfully, our reliance on technology has created a market for managing it there are tons of products on the market to help us out, while creative architects and architects are coming up with solutions of their own to maintain wires under control and out of sight.

Of course, the best solution would be to completely incorporate cables into a style (where possible), which demands a great deal of preparation and and healthy dose of structure. Let’s look at a few examples of how to build in wire management, as well as working it into houses, for those people who can’t create permanent changes to our houses, for one reason or another.

Scheer & Co..

In my previous apartment, my husband took great pains to maintain the floors in our house office wire-free. He used zip ties and eye hooks to mount all our components to the underside of our wood desk. If you are not the DIY/handy kind and prefer to buy something to handle wires, you are in luck…

Room & Board

Cord Management Straps – $9

Room and Board’s cable management goods (leg, horizontal and flexible) are fantastic solutions for those pesky-but-essential computer wires.


CableDrop – $10

If you are anything like me, keeping components nearby and accessible is perfect, but they can be unsightly, or fall to the floor and immediately become”lost.” Blue Lounge’s smart CableDrop is a nice solution.


CableBox – $29.95

Don’t have the choice of mounting wires and other components to a hidden-away place? Pop your power strip (along with the mangled cables attached to it) into this neat little box and the issue is solved. Vacuum, dust, mop — do what you need to do; so this little guy is on your side.

Everyone appears to want to mount their flat screen TV on a wall nowadays, and it’s easier than you think — even if you are a renter and you are not supposed to penetrate walls.

A small hole can be bored in wires and shingles can be brought up to the desired elevation without a lot of fuss. Obviously, it will help to get built-in bookcases like these, which provide a bit more room for pulling wires around.

The Red Jet

If you are in love with a light fixture or a sconce like this one, but don’t have the choice to hardwire it, then install it near window or door trim, in which you can frequently staple the wire and also paint it so it blends in a bit.

Rodriguez Studio Architecture PC

Have a queue from lofts and let conduits do the hiding.

Scheer & Co..

Some wall-mounted light fixtures come complete with a conduit which matches the finish and is much more than presentable.

Like built in shelving, wood paneling provides you a little extra drama in terms of wire-hiding and electronics-mounting capabilities.

ZMK Group, Inc

If your house or apartment did not come complete with flooring outlets, place area rugs to function to conceal cords and wires so that you may float furniture without fretting about how to plug in such matters as lamps, computers and clocks.

Alexander Johnson Photography

Furniture with back panels create our lives easier. If your outlets are located a little high on the wall, then a table like this will help conceal any wires. If outlets are closer to the baseboard, the panel shields a great deal of the wire, which makes it far more inconspicuous!

Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

Wires are an inescapable part of our lives, however minimizing how much we see of these makes our living spaces a lot more serene. This little table lamp must plug in somewhere, but hiding the outlet behind the drawer section of the desk hides the”ugly” section of this lamp.

Roger Hirsch Architect

Desks with extra thickness, like this one, which has pencil drawers, give us more flexibility in terms of hiding wires, as the lip of the desk can conceal all types of industrial-looking wiring.

Made in Layout

Cable Turtle by Pop Corn – GBP 5.90

Untangling wires likely eats up 15 percent of my daily life — an unacceptable percentage. I’m very seriously considering obtaining Pop Corn’s Cable Turtle to maintain my iPod and hands-free mobile phone ear buds in check. The less time I have to spend unfurling them, the better off we ALL are.

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