From the Navy: What's New With This Black Blue

From the Navy:  What's New With This Black Blue

Navy blue is one of those colors that gets a great deal of admiration — even from those who may not always love the colour or want to utilize it in their homes. Navy blue typically conjures up feelings of dependability, power and authority. This colour also makes quite a statement when used inside your home. Navy is a bold choice, but it’s a timeless colour that may also appear new and fresh, and it always gives an area that wow factor.

The blue walls give this entire room a feeling of depth. Don’t be scared to use a dark colour as a backdrop for photography or artwork. The result is intriguing and eye catching here.

Wall paint: Old Navy, Benjamin Moore

Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling

Navy blue is almost always a great colour for a boy’s room. That is because boys tend to like darker colors blue is usually among their favorites. Navy blue and gray create a wonderful contemporary color scheme for a boy’s room. A blue attic bed in this area gets high marks to be trendy.

Suggested paint pick: Award Blue, Behr

Jessica Bennett Interiors

The combination of navy blue and white is conventional, but it may also be utilised in a casual way. Mixing dark blue and white patterns is also a fun way to add interest to a room.

Valerie interiors + design, inc

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, using red, white and blue only seems fitting for this season. Although this colour trio is certainly patriotic, it looks good all year long.

Mary Wyar Photography

Navy blue orders attention when employed as an accent. Employing navy to make a focal wall is a wonderful way to utilize this colour, particularly in a smaller area, where four darkened walls can create a closed-in feeling.

Suggested paint pick: Morning Glory, Sherwin-Williams

Navy and gold collectively are regal and refined, but this colour scheme doesn’t have to feel nostalgic. A lively patterned wall covering has been used together with vibrant blue throw pillows in this living area. Both bring a little whimsy.

Leonard Grant Architecture

Most people want their kitchen to feel comfortable and inviting, and that may be a challenge when utilizing blue. However, by using deeper, more warm shades of blue you are still able to achieve a look that is relaxed and comfortable.

Suggested paint pick: Indigo, Sherwin-Williams

Muted shades of navy blue work really well in conventional spaces. These milder blues do create a statement but simply don’t yell as loud.

Suggested paint pick: Van Deusen Blue, Benjamin Moore

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Aquamarine Relaxes Rooms

Aquamarine Relaxes Rooms

Sometimes all it takes is one colour to change the look of your house and put you in a good mood. If your goal is to make a house that will help you feel more relaxed, I suggest using aquamarine. This paler shade of turquoise is obviously refreshing, therefore it’s a superb colour to calm your senses and your own space. Aquamarine will instantly give your house a serene feel — and it could be the beginning of a more serene life.

Niki Papadopoulos

To make a contemporary feel with aquamarine, combine this colour with tones of gray and silver. From the kitchen, do not be scared to paint your kitchen cabinets with aquamarine. Your space will look sleek and serene when combined with stainless steel and chrome.

Suggested paint pick: Waterscape, Sherwin-Williams

Dillard Pierce Design Associates

Aquamarine functions great as an accent colour in a neutral area. Only a small dose of aquamarine upholstery provides this dining area a refreshing feel.

Aquamarine is particularly refreshing during the hot summer months. Make the most of this cooling color by using it in an outdoor area, like your rear patio.

Suggested paint pick: Aquatint, Sherwin-Williams

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Another great outdoor application for aquamarine is to the front porch. Use this colour to paint a set of rockers. It is a wonderful way to welcome visitors.

Suggested paint pick: Sea Life, Behr

Avenue B Development

To get a truly light and airy feel in your home, combine aquamarine with white decor. This may give your room a beachy feel which will never look dated.

Suggested paint pick: Aqua Smoke, Behr

Glass Tile Warehouse

To get a dreamy bathroom, go for the glass. Start looking for glass tiles and tinted glass countertops in colors of aquamarine.

Honey wood tones work very well with aquamarine. This blend lends a casual, comfy feel to any area.

Suggested paint pick: Arctic Blue, Benjamin Moore

Adrienne Chinn Design

An aquamarine accent wall will turn your dining area to a calm spot in which to end up with a good meal.

Suggested paint pick: Waterfall, Benjamin Moore

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I have a love-hate relationship with paint chips. Thumbing through racks of them in my regional home center gives me a jolt of enthusiasm and a frisson of panic. The sheer volume of potential palettes overwhelms me. Citron and turquoise? Eggplant and khaki? Kelly green and daffodil yellow? Forget it, I inevitably conclude. I’ll just paint everything white.

Lately, though, I have decided to take it easy on myself. Instead of doing laps around the color wheel settling for neutrals, I’m narrowing my options down to easy, classic palettes that are practically impossible to mess up. If, like me, you end up paralyzed by chances, take a look at these eight color schemes for inspiration.

LLC, Cristi Holcombe Interiors

1. Yellow and blue. Like pepper and salt or toast and jam, these colors create a perfect pair. It’s hard to find two colors of one that do not work together — as primary colours, they discuss an uncomplicated, basic quality that keeps them in sync. Most men and women consider yellow and blue as traditional, and they are, but you are able to spin them to transitional or modern land by choosing tailored lines and subtle patterns such as the ones shown here.

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

2. White and Black. Need I even mention this one? It’s dramatic, complicated and as timeless as you can get. In any room, in any respect, it is completely fail-safe, and you’ll be able to mix in dabs of whatever accent color appeals to you. Click here to see this palette carried throughout an entire house.

Story & Space – Interior Design and Color Guidance

3. Pink and green. Why does this perennially preppy combo strike such a chord? Well, consider character: pink flowers atop green stems, blooming from shrubbery, surrounded by foliage. If you would like to make green and pink appearance less Lilly Pulitzer, try layering two or three saturated, slightly dirty colors of each color, as in this bedroom.

Emily A. Clark

4. Navy and white. A starched white button-down topped with a navy blazer never goes out of fashion, and neither does a white and navy room. With this pairing, it’s easy to default to the nautical approach (stripes, sailboats, white linen). However, this living space turns convention on its ear: solid walls set off with sharp white millwork and a painted coffee table, using an overscale rug that joins the spectacle together.

Red Egg Design Group

5. Yellow and gray. Like the odd couple of the color spectrum, these two colors could not be more distinct. Yet they complement each other perfectly: Ebullient yellowish helps somber gray to lighten up; gray calms yellowish down and keeps it from bubbling over. It’s a win-win.

Olga Adler

6. Red and beige. This mixture bears a particular resemblance to yellow and gray — one includes an outsize personality, while the flip is more reticent. What makes them such all-natural spouses is the hot undertones they discuss. Temper a bold stroke of crimson with a swath of beige to create a rich, inviting, but still mellow space.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

7. Orange and blue. They are opposites on the color wheel, and paradoxically that means that they go nicely together. If you can’t abide the idea of a vibrant tangerine and cobalt room, go quieter. This serene living area is washed in light turquoise and soft coral, diluted versions of blue and orange that create no less of an effect for their restraint.

8. Lavender and Chocolate. Really? You’re thinking. Yes, really. Sweet, pale purple and rich chocolate bring out the very best in each other. The crucial thing is to maintain the lavender from getting too bright — a chalky pastel colour works best and seems luminous against deep brown. A lavender accent wall is all this cozy space needed to bring it into life.

What is your go-to palette? Tell us in the comments section!

Select a Fantastic Color Palette

10 Ways To Create Your Neutral Palette Shine

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Reshape Your Space

Reshape Your Space

When it comes to home d├ęcor the eye can be fooled into many ways, and among the most critical techniques for producing visual effects is the use of colour. Color, using its power improve and to conceal, will help you produce a dramatic impact without the need for structural alteration.

In this ideabook, I will explain to you how you can use colour to modify your room’s proportions, camouflage or boost an area, or earn a ceiling appear higher or lower. Let’s explore colour combinations that make the difference.

Lower a ceiling. The height of a ceiling can affect the sensation of a room, making it look less romantic. You can fool the eye by visually changing the height by painting a ceiling. Paint your ceiling such as the taupe colour featured in this picture, in a warm colour, then paint the walls in a cool contrast shade.

John Lively & Associates

Add height into a ceiling. If your ceiling seems too low, then there are several methods of making it appear bigger. It is being painted by one of them in a mild, receding color, such as a pale blue. Another suggestion is currently using paint using a finish. The ceiling of the kitchen has been painted that way; the reflection of the light creates an awareness of space.

Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

In this room, a ceiling imitating the colour of the skies added height and space. Curtains, cushions, straightforward prints and other accessories add subtle splashes of colour.

The Lettered Cottage

Insert breadth. A narrow room can benefit from horizontal lines that make space and persistence. To achieve this result, use the same tonal value for the two colors, but be sure one is clearly lighter than the other.

CDA Interior Design

In cases like this, horizontal lines produce the feeling of more space by drawing on the eye on the windows.

Celia James

Large mirrors or polished surfaces create the feeling of more space by representing the image of more living areas. Choose a neutral palette and keep things simple and uncluttered.

Claudia Leccacorvi

Create a room feel warmer. Deep colors help make a cozy area. Here, an inviting, restful room is created by a shade of brown along with gold and green colours.


Conceal unsightly items. Use colour to camouflage features you do not like. Paint what you would like to hide in the exact same colour as the background and see it virtually go away. A radiator disappears.

More Ways to Make Peace With Your Radiator

Julie Williams Design

Boost features. If there is something you love in your home and would like to show it even more, try improving it with colour. By painting it another shade, the feature — in this case a fireplace — will soon become the focal point.

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

Add measurements in a squared room. Many houses have boxy spaces that can be difficult to improve. By producing a focal point — painting a wall in a strong shade or with bold drapes — you can ease the feel.

More guides to working with colour and pattern

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Tangerine Tango: 4 Ways to Use Pantone's Colour of the Year

Tangerine Tango: 4 Ways to Use Pantone's Colour of the Year

Next year, it is all about tangerine. Pantone, the layout world’s authority on colour identification, today announced its much-anticipated Color of the Year for 2012 –Tangerine Tango, a stunning reddish orange with a favorable energy and warmth. Although it can be intimidating at first, this attention-grabbing orange is a surprisingly flexible hue. Whether you are a tangerine addict and can’t wait to outfit an area in all-orange, or if you’re still getting accustomed to this bold colour, there are loads of simple recommendations to integrate Tangerine Tango in your home.

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

1. Embrace tangerine from floor to ceiling. This reddish orange hue is warm, cheerful, and inviting. If you agree with Pantone and have fallen in love with Tangerine Tango, go all out and use the bold color for an whole room. This chamber tones it down a little with more neutral accents — such as khaki, brown and black.


Tangerine Tango PANTONE 17-1463. This color is deeper, bolder and more reddish than your average orange, but it can still go with many of the same colours it pairs with.

Using tangerine in the walls in this area transformed it into a vibrant nook to sit down and revel in the view.

Do not be scared to play with the same colour in various tones. Sometimes a lot of one colour can appear a little scary, but the deep tangerine walls and red ceiling produce a visually intriguing space.

Vanessa De Vargas

Colours of Pantone’s tangerine can be great for bedrooms. Consider mixing it with white and patterns to break up the space and blend with other vivid colors for thickness.

Fiorella Design

2. Add abrupt pops of color with paint. Not sure if you’re all set to go all tangerine? Have a tip from this designer and use it on just one wall. It goes with warm and cool colours, and is not difficult to paint if you become tired of it.

Jesse Im/bugonmyleaf

Painting your front door a happy hue of heavy tangerine is a fantastic way to draw guests in your home. If you’ve got a more neutral exterior shade — such as gray, khaki, or brown — a contrasting tangerine doorway is the perfect method to set your home apart from the other homes on the road.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Have you ever thought about using this spicy tangerine from the kitchen? It may seem to be a little odd choice at first, but if used sparingly enjoy this, the outcome is warm and modern.


If you’ve got a more traditionally styled home, try taking a bit of a danger with tangerine accents. The bright coffered ceiling and dining chair backs take this dining area to another level.


When you’ve got a smaller area in your home, painting it tangerine can help it stand out. Pick out only the ideal color to mesh with the remainder of your home’s decoration, and add a few fitting accents to maintain a uniform appearance.

Burnham Design

3. Create a subtle tangerine motif with accessories. If you love tangerine but prefer to keep your ceilings and walls neutral, then tie in the colour with products. It is surprising just how many colour palettes this colour goes with. The orange accessories in this area warm up the blue, green and glow in this area.

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

If you find one tangerine textile you love, use it as a base for different accessories in that area. The colour alone ties together the curtains and the carpet in this area, although the patterns are very different. Tangerine knickknacks on the shelf bring the whole room together.

Eileen Kathryn Boyd Interiors

Sometimes you do not need more than a few straightforward bits to create a large announcement. The side tables and pillows in this area add a pop of the rich tangerine colour to the retro-inspired space.

4. Keep it simple with accessories. Still want more convincing to get about the tangerine train? With a few basic accessories at the vivid orange shade can still integrate this warm, energizing hue in your home.

A few tangerine towels along with a paper crane maintain this blue-striped toilet from looking too chilly.

For People design

It is wonderful how much an easy throw may change the appearance of a room. Neatly folded blankets tucked into chairs can quickly take them out of boring to inviting.

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Decorate Your House With Colors That Make You Smile

Decorate Your House With Colors That Make You Smile

1 reason I really like color is because it’s a strong ability to change your mood. In these dayswe hear a lot about locating our”happy location.” That could be a state of mind, but it can also be a physical area. Using striking colours and patterns can create an area that makes us smile. Vibrant hues have a tendency to lift spirits the most because their intensity naturally generates energy. But, any color or color combination that is not considered regular can lift our spirits. So, in your pursuit of happiness, I hope these photographs will keep you motivated.


There’s certainly nothing ordinary about this gorgeous bedroom. Yellow is the ultimate color of hope and happiness. When it’s combined with zesty lime green, coral and lighthearted patterns, these elements produce a palette filled with warmth and fuzzy feelings.

Peregrine Design Build

A mix of punchy colours is a certain way to produce a delightful space. Not only is the shelving unit functional, it also serves as a cheery focal point.

Scheer & Co..

This gorgeous yellow-and-white striped workspace reminds its occupants not to take things seriously. Working can be stressful, but it is wonderful to have a fun, colorful wall which inspires you to smile.

See more of this Home

Kids are encouraged by color, likely more than adults. I can’t think of anything at a kid’s room more exciting than an amazing wall mural. This life-sized Candy Land game board brings much color and whimsy to this area, making miles of smiles.

Wen-Di Interiors

This is another fun idea for a kid or teenager’s bedroom. This type of multi-colored accent wall would also include a dose of merriment into a dining room, living room or laundry room.

It is difficult to stay in a bad mood when you are sitting on a glowing yellow couch. In a grey space, which can occasionally feel drab, a lemon couch can immediately give you a sunny mood.

Moon Design + Build

Since purple is my favorite color, I’m having serious desk envy! Being surrounded by your best-loved hues has been proven to improve productivity and keep you in a good mood.


Stikit Tape Dispenser in 4 colours – $18.50

This is a good example of how to look at little things in a different way. Something as straightforward as a tape dispenser can be a colorful, mood-enhancer in your home. Look around and find those areas where it is simple to inject color into your life. It could very well lead one to your happy location.

More: A Cheerful Shade to Fall For
How to Pick the Ideal Yellow
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Colour Cues from Mardi Gras

Colour Cues from Mardi Gras

In honor of Fat Tuesday, I’ve compiled an ideabook of areas in the one and only purple, green, and golden. In this carnival that is complex the three colours symbolize strength, and justice, religion, respectively. For all those people who really are observing from afar, adorn yourself in your beads that are best and behold a parade of areas that are inspiring whose colours are steeped in a tradition of gaiety and delight.

Avalon Interiors

Join all three colours to get a look that’s spectacular and interesting. In the foreground, a relaxing setting is provided by pale shades in the sitting room. The colours are intensified in the contiguous dining area providing a more dynamic vibe to the the area.

Philpotts Interiors

Reddish- green and purple accents on the ceiling create a powerful statement against white walls that are clear. This can be an excellent strategy without saturating the whole space to use new colours.


Purple in changing colors, makes this bedroom fit for royalty. Toss pillows, the luxurious upholstered headboard and bed clothing allows you to feel like you might be sleeping in a palace as opposed to a flat.

Picture Living

A brand new green colour palette along with contemporary furnishings, a carpet that is lively, and pool-side views develop a bedroom hideaway which is easy, yet dramatic.

Frank Valdes

Zesty lime along with metal fixtures makes this contemporary kitchen a heart for pleasure, food and celebrations.

Heather Garrett Style

Use a area to be warmed up by gold accessories. These molten aspect chairs demonstrate that emphases that are little may be equally as powerful as larger bits. Gold colors continue in the painting which which provides a nod to the coastal lieu of the home’s.

CIH Style

Jewel-toned and gold shimmery partitions upholstered furnishings set the stage in this penthouse condo for a show of opulence.

Paula Grace Designs, Inc.

Glamor abounds in this living area that is gilded. The flicker of candles as well as the beads of a crystal chandelier produce a look of refinement and sophistication in a space that is gold.

Assured Colour: When to Use Great and Warm Colors