Create Outdoor Magic With String Lighting

Create Outdoor Magic With String Lighting

Summer is in full swing, and outside parties are in their peak. Every night as I descend upon my outside patio, I thank my lucky stars for string lights which whimsically resemble… well, blessed stars. The easy, cost-effective and nonpermanent outdoor lighting method has transformed my garden also can transform yours too! Whether strung in trees, on the exterior of your home, from sticks or on an arbor, they make an ordinary garden look magical. Offered in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations, they are a fantastic means to scatter a small light onto your outside evening party.

Vivid Design Group

Hung in a grid layout, outdoor string lighting can create the illusion of a courtyard.

Easton Michael Smith

A screened-in porch is an excellent setting for string lights with a paper color, because you don’t have to worry about them getting wet. The Paper Lantern Store offers allure identical to the black shades shown here.

Third Nature Studio

Rows of clear globe string lights are secured onto a modern backyard arbor in Templeton, California, ready to light up a Wine Country night.


Hung directly above an outside dining table, twinkle lighting can light an evening supper.

Chelsea Construction Corporation

These are reminiscent of Ballard Designs’ Cafe String Lights, with every bulb’s light reflected off a petal-shape galvanized colour.

Studio H Landscape Architecture

If your garden is anything like mine (lacking trees), then it is possible to still bedazzle your patio area with rope lighting by installing sticks to attach the strings to. You can even create temporary sticks by installing them in weighted buckets.

Richard Hughes Design, Architect

Take advantage of trees on your house to attach the light strings to. Designer Richard Hughes intelligently utilized both the property’s exterior and a large tree in the yard.

Risinger Homes

The team in Risinger Homes combined outdoor string lights with a color sail to create dramatic overhead patio specifics in Austin, Texas.

Heather ODonovan Interior Design

When paired with modern materials, string lighting takes on a newfangled border. Trina Turk’s Super Paradise Print in Driftwood combines superbly with world string lights.

Natalie Younger Interior Design, Allied ASID

Outdoor string lighting makes sense on Maui, Hawaii, where the weather is hot throughout the year.

Mell Lawrence Architects

Strung above a pool, lights deliver double the twinkle throughout reflection.

HighCraft Builders

String lights are attached right to the arbor’s rafters, though a built-in fire pit offers additional night lighting.

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5 Homes That and you Won't Box In

5 Homes That and you Won't Box In

I usually cringe when someone says, “Think outside the box,” because it is such a cliché. However, there is no better way to describe the way these designers played around with geometry to come up with unexpected architectural forms. Some adopt strong diagonals, while others celebrate curves; those familiar with architectural tools are going to have the ability to imagine how much the some of the designers used their triangles while others gave their own compasses a workout. What all these houses have in common besides their unique forms is a sensitivity and a powerful response to their websites. See if you’d consider trading in a saltbox for a triangle home or a geodesic dome.

Go Glamping

I think of this home as “Bucky goes camping in Scotland.” This geodesic dome provides the ultimate glamping spot. Perched at the edge of the Audio of Lorne, the house enjoys a woodsy setting and water views.

Go Glamping

The bare-looking kitchen is a lavish when one is in a camping mind-set.

Go Glamping

See the rest of this escape home


Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous private residential layout is a natural masterpiece that has been website driven. The way Fallingwater merges into its surroundings set a precedent, particularly the way it hovers above a stream and a waterfall.


This rock was among the owner’s favorite places to sit on the house before the home was built, so Wright incorporated it in situ right in the front of the hearth.


When this glass cover is opened, the space fills with the sounds of the waterfall below.

See the rest of this historical house

Leslie Bentson

Produced by Charles Haertling, this home in Boulder, Colorado, is composed of 16 identical triangles.

Leslie Bentson

The owner’s vibrant accessories and artwork enliven the space.

Leslie Bentson

The fireplace layout takes its cues from the triangles’ sharp angles.

See the rest of this home

Kentaro Kurihara

This suburban Japanese house opens to views of Mount Hongu. The sharply inclined roof permits for glassless windows and solitude.

Kentaro Kurihara

Every floor of the home has an outdoor area that has a feeling that’s distinctive from the others.

Kentaro Kurihara

The big openings give the best patio, in spite of its intensely angled wall, a much bigger sense of scale.

See the rest of this home


This home is called The Radius House, also Daniel Leibermann, a former Taliesin West student of Frank Lloyd Wright, designed it in 1960. Dwyer Layout finished a current renovation to update the home, which architect Vivian Dwyer dubbed “delicate surgery.”


The sort of the chief area of the house radiates from this central center, and expansive glass opens the interior to the surrounding forests.


Have a note from Wright, Leibermann placed a sizable river rock in the hearth.

Inform us : Can you give one of those geometric homes a go, or does your chi flow better through a more conventional residence?

Art House on the Edge Makes a Statement Around ‘Place’

Taliesin Celebrates 100 Decades

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From the Navy: What's New With This Black Blue

From the Navy:  What's New With This Black Blue

Navy blue is one of those colors that gets a great deal of admiration — even from those who may not always love the colour or want to utilize it in their homes. Navy blue typically conjures up feelings of dependability, power and authority. This colour also makes quite a statement when used inside your home. Navy is a bold choice, but it’s a timeless colour that may also appear new and fresh, and it always gives an area that wow factor.

The blue walls give this entire room a feeling of depth. Don’t be scared to use a dark colour as a backdrop for photography or artwork. The result is intriguing and eye catching here.

Wall paint: Old Navy, Benjamin Moore

Monticello Custom Homes and Remodeling

Navy blue is almost always a great colour for a boy’s room. That is because boys tend to like darker colors blue is usually among their favorites. Navy blue and gray create a wonderful contemporary color scheme for a boy’s room. A blue attic bed in this area gets high marks to be trendy.

Suggested paint pick: Award Blue, Behr

Jessica Bennett Interiors

The combination of navy blue and white is conventional, but it may also be utilised in a casual way. Mixing dark blue and white patterns is also a fun way to add interest to a room.

Valerie interiors + design, inc

With the Fourth of July right around the corner, using red, white and blue only seems fitting for this season. Although this colour trio is certainly patriotic, it looks good all year long.

Mary Wyar Photography

Navy blue orders attention when employed as an accent. Employing navy to make a focal wall is a wonderful way to utilize this colour, particularly in a smaller area, where four darkened walls can create a closed-in feeling.

Suggested paint pick: Morning Glory, Sherwin-Williams

Navy and gold collectively are regal and refined, but this colour scheme doesn’t have to feel nostalgic. A lively patterned wall covering has been used together with vibrant blue throw pillows in this living area. Both bring a little whimsy.

Leonard Grant Architecture

Most people want their kitchen to feel comfortable and inviting, and that may be a challenge when utilizing blue. However, by using deeper, more warm shades of blue you are still able to achieve a look that is relaxed and comfortable.

Suggested paint pick: Indigo, Sherwin-Williams

Muted shades of navy blue work really well in conventional spaces. These milder blues do create a statement but simply don’t yell as loud.

Suggested paint pick: Van Deusen Blue, Benjamin Moore

Watch more guides to using blue

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Cozy Alabama Lake Retreat

Cozy Alabama Lake Retreat

An expansive attached vessel deck, cozy screened-in porch and warm Southern design unite in this lakeside vacation home in Guntersville, Alabama. Interior designer Beverly Farrington along with her late husband wanted a low-key retreat near the water’s edge and open to the gorgeous outdoor environment.

in a Glance
Who lives here: Designer Beverly Farrington
Location: Lake Guntersville, Guntersville, Alabama
Size: 1,600 square feet; two bedrooms; two bathrooms
That is interesting:
A dining room table on the boathouse patio is made of two antique doors from the Civil War period.

Lauren Mikus

Farrington decided to construct a bridge from the main house to the top deck of the recently renovated boathouse for easy access. “Because we are on a hill, we actually had no massive space to flow,” she says. Renovating the boathouse was a big challenge, complicated by a huge storm during construction that forced the group to start over.

Lauren Mikus

Although it was laborious, the completed job has become an invaluable feature of Farrington’s home, allowing for easy entertaining and an wonderful 360-degree view of the lake. Farrington frequently can be found on the deck, greeting friends passing by on their ships.

Lauren Mikus

This opinion from the deck appears back in the home. To the right sits a screened-in porch, and to the far left lies the master bedroom. The first floor of the home remains unfinished and currently serves as storage space.

Custom chevron-stripe cushions from Farrington’s studio accent the outdoor furniture. “Being a designer can be a blessing and a curse when designing your own job,” she says. “However, it’s always great to get additional input and someone else to bounce your thoughts off of.”

Lauren Mikus

Farrington wanted the property’s design to highlight perspectives of the lake, so she included tall French doors with large transom windows throughout the primary living rooms. “This also allows for excellent ventilation, and opening the doors is a simple way to bridge the expansive exterior space with the compact interior space,” she says.

Most of the bits in the cottage are antiques which Farrington has accumulated over time. The ship enclosed in glass behind the sofa came from one of her antiques-buying excursions to France. She found a number of the additional furnishings in one of her favorite antiques markets in Atlanta, Scott Antique Market.

Sofa: Pearson Furniture; lamps: Currey & Company

Lauren Mikus

A massive fireplace with two chimneys anchors the primary rooms. Farrington greets guests in the cooler months with a warm, welcoming fire.

Lauren Mikus

The excellent room opens to this picturesque screened-in patio. Spectacular Fortunata pottery adorns the facade. The bits are reminiscent of those crafted in Deruta, Italy. Farrington is a travel enthusiast and makes it a point to venture to Europe another summer.

Lauren Mikus

Farrington chose timeless antique pine for all the built-in interior shelving. An assortment of geodes from her journeys accents the open shelves.

Lauren Mikus

On the other side in the fantastic area, this built-in minibar makes a handy station to mix cocktails up and promotes conversation at parties.

Lauren Mikus

Farrington wanted the kitchen to exude the rustic, small-town charm of Lake Guntersville. “Guntersville is our escape,” she says. “The people are warm and friendly. It’s cute stores and eateries, along with also the mayor and his spouse are a few of my best buddies.”

Antler lighting fixture: Accents of the South

Lauren Mikus

Farrington loves to host small, intimate dinners on the patio, saving just enough time for a sunset boat cruise. She collected the copper cookware that hangs round the kitchen throughout her journeys to France, Turkey and Egypt.

Lauren Mikus

The master bedroom colour palette blends masculine and feminine tones. A modern painting by Ellen Langford above the bed layers nicely into this original setting. Farrington utilized gingham fabric from Brunschwig & Fils for the valances and chairs. The botanical pattern on the desk chair is from Clarence House.

Lauren Mikus

The buttercream wall colour in the guest bedroom complements the natural sunlight which flows into the space. Farrington designed the custom draperies.

Lauren Mikus

A wall partition separates the kitchen and guest bedroom from the excellent room. This set of paintings from Erwin Fitzhugh, a native of Fairhope, Alabama, is one of Farrington’s most cherished collections.

Lauren Mikus

Farrington’s husband, Jack, passed away in 2006. This film highlights a happy memory of the few during a very long day of water skiing with close pals. Farrington is in the center, along with her late husband is in the far left.

Do you have a lakeside summer home or another striking construction? Share it with us!

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Aquamarine Relaxes Rooms

Aquamarine Relaxes Rooms

Sometimes all it takes is one colour to change the look of your house and put you in a good mood. If your goal is to make a house that will help you feel more relaxed, I suggest using aquamarine. This paler shade of turquoise is obviously refreshing, therefore it’s a superb colour to calm your senses and your own space. Aquamarine will instantly give your house a serene feel — and it could be the beginning of a more serene life.

Niki Papadopoulos

To make a contemporary feel with aquamarine, combine this colour with tones of gray and silver. From the kitchen, do not be scared to paint your kitchen cabinets with aquamarine. Your space will look sleek and serene when combined with stainless steel and chrome.

Suggested paint pick: Waterscape, Sherwin-Williams

Dillard Pierce Design Associates

Aquamarine functions great as an accent colour in a neutral area. Only a small dose of aquamarine upholstery provides this dining area a refreshing feel.

Aquamarine is particularly refreshing during the hot summer months. Make the most of this cooling color by using it in an outdoor area, like your rear patio.

Suggested paint pick: Aquatint, Sherwin-Williams

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Another great outdoor application for aquamarine is to the front porch. Use this colour to paint a set of rockers. It is a wonderful way to welcome visitors.

Suggested paint pick: Sea Life, Behr

Avenue B Development

To get a truly light and airy feel in your home, combine aquamarine with white decor. This may give your room a beachy feel which will never look dated.

Suggested paint pick: Aqua Smoke, Behr

Glass Tile Warehouse

To get a dreamy bathroom, go for the glass. Start looking for glass tiles and tinted glass countertops in colors of aquamarine.

Honey wood tones work very well with aquamarine. This blend lends a casual, comfy feel to any area.

Suggested paint pick: Arctic Blue, Benjamin Moore

Adrienne Chinn Design

An aquamarine accent wall will turn your dining area to a calm spot in which to end up with a good meal.

Suggested paint pick: Waterfall, Benjamin Moore

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Art Deco–Contemporary Mix at Los Angeles

Art Deco–Contemporary Mix at Los Angeles

Midcentury-inspired furniture, vibrant accents and a contemporary color palette helped this couple turn their 1920s apartment into a place that felt just like home. A designer bunch using a contemporary aesthetic, Shawn Smith and Leah Russell were contested by their 1926 apartment’s vintage bones and art deco charm. Bold fabrics, neutral walls and traditional furniture helped them pay tribute to the building’s history while still producing a more modern appearance of their own.

at a Glance
Who lives here: Shawn Smith, Leah Russell and their puppy, Winston
Location: Los Angeles
Size: 750 square feet; 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom
That’s intriguing: Their building was once home to former president Ronald Reagan

Madison Modern Home

“Our decorating philosophy is’in using the old and brand new,'” says Smith. “We’ve attempted to show modern bits in conversation with the 1920s design, and how it can make a home an eclectic mix of styles.”

Madison Modern Home

The spacious, naturally decorated bedroom comes with a custom-built bed complete with built-in nightstands and underbed storage. Folded clothes are tucked off, eliminating the need for a dresser.

Wall paint: Mushroom, Martha Stewart

More underbed storage thoughts

Madison Modern Home

Original art by Smith and Russell with easy mats and frames hangs above the glossy white desk in the bedroom. “If money was no object, I’d splurge on an original Andy Warhol,” Russell says.

Desk: Ikea; orange seat: Globus, Design Within Reach

Madison Modern Home

An Ikea storage method fits snugly between the moldings of 2 closets to home incidentals and gives a perch for framed photographs.

Madison Modern Home

Three-dimensional wall tiles in the entry add an element of surprise for people. Smith chose a deep plum shade to match the beautiful view outside the living room windows. A cowhide rug helps define the foyer.

Wall tiles: Mio Culture

Madison Modern Home

Smith and Russell scored big at a garage sale for this original mustard-color Eames molded plastic seat. “The seller had no idea what they were getting rid of. We got a fantastic deal!” says Smith.

Madison Modern Home

A gallery transforms an embarrassing part of wall with electrical wiring down the center. Instead of camouflaging the wiring, then the few worked it into the design, layering the frames for a 3-D effect.

Painted concrete floors lend an industrial component to the hot neutrals on the walls and furniture. An area rug placed perpendicularly adds visual attention.

Madison Modern Home

A vintage cocktail table from Russell’s native Alabama displays a handmade box, a small sculpture and some favourite artwork books.

The press unit is a small bedside block table paired with a leftover cupboard base turned on its side. The clever combination resembles a contemporary piece of furniture and can be just right for saving books and DVDs.

Madison Modern Home

From the dining area a classic black and white checkerboard floor and chalkboard wall give a daring punch to the sunny room. The couple switches up the picture or message .

Madison Modern Home

Finding a dining table acceptable for their tight dining room was the couple’s biggest design dilemma. They ended up choosing a round table paired with bright white Bellini-style seats.

Table: Room & Board; seats: Design Within Reach

Madison Modern Home

A stylish dish drainer by the couple’s favourite designer, Marc Newson, adds a citrus-colored punch to the black and and white tile countertop. “We adore his forward-thinking ideas and extreme versatility,” Smith states.

Madison Modern Home

From the bathroom Russell made the unisex shower artwork to match the CB2 wall vase. The color palette is contemporary gray and yellowish.

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Guest Groups: How to Get It Together in the New Year

Guest Groups: How to Get It Together in the New Year

Each year I make the same resolutions: to be more organized, to take care of my things and even to eat my veggies (or at least to get my kids to do so). This time, I have a secret weapon to aid with my follow-through: 20 pretty finds to inspire me to do it this year. — Steph from Modern Parents, Messy Kids


Wall Mounted Magnetic Organizer in Espresso by Umbra® – $14.99

The magnetic surface of the mail organizer creates a great home for everybody’s keys. It’s perfect for use as a landing strip when space is tight.

Cox & Cox

Storage Bags – GBP 20

These storage bags have a very stylish, almost homemade appearance, and they are”generously-sized.”


Felt Bag-in-Bag – $27

I am permanently losing my keys and telephone to the black hole that’s my purse. Used as an insert, this bag-in-bag provides a lot of compartments to your chosen bag. A fresh appearance and new color options also make it a nice little bag in its own right.

Layla Grayce

If I had a cell phone case as distinctive as this, I might never lose my telephone again. These two designs are only the tip of this iceberg, as there’s a massive selection of wallpaper designs, fonts and colours to choose from.

Society 6

The vivid colors on this cell phone case are beautiful without being too girly.


Index Notebook – $12

No matter how smart my phone gets, I will always have a soft spot for a cute little laptop that I can easily slide in my handbag. I like this one is indexed for preparation , contacts and note taking.

Flora Douville

Happy Shapes 2012 Calendar – EUR 18

Calendars are a terrific way to add a little dose of nice art to less-than-glamorous spaces such as a messy desk or email landing strip. I like the simplicity of the one.

Poppytalk Handmade

2012 Calendar by Poppytalk Handmade – $20

I am far more likely to really utilize a calendar if I like looking at it. The bright and vintage design of this photography in this one makes me joyful.


2012 Calendar, Cute Superhero Printable PDF by Loopz Art – $8

This stunning Superhero printable calendar is modern yet child friendly, which makes it perfect for households with young kids. The flaming skull personality for October is my favorite.

shop.freshly-picked. com

Leather Mouse Pad, Gold – $35

This lovely gold and leather mouse pad will keep you motivated to keep your desk neat and tidy.

The End Bookend – $14.95

I am not certain what I like most about these bookends: the the color. In any event, they are an eye-catching approach to really begin displaying books in my bookshelf.

West Elm

Jason Polan Glass Decoupage Trays – $8

It’s hard to find a manly storage tray for my hubby’s wallet, watch, telephone, etc.. One of them just might fit the bill.


Bamboo Dry Erase – $59.95

That can be so much prettier than a plain old white board.

Paper Culture

Modern Text Bamboo Wall Art – $39.99

This year I am finally getting some family photos up on the wall. This bamboo plank is a step above framed or canvas printed photos, and the customized text at the bottom corner is a nice touch.

West Elm

Felt Office Storage – $24

Felt storage fittings are fantastic for everybody in the family, regardless of age or sex. These numbered storage bins would look fantastic grouped on a playroom bookshelf or next to the bed at a teenager’s room.


Washing Machine Hamper – $29.95

This is the form of hamper I would envision a hipster could have — but I really like it too.


TPS Blue File Cabinet – $159

If you have to have a filing cabinet, why not have one at a bright, modern color? These look particularly great with four colours side by side.


Monster iPad Sleeve by Yummy Pocket – $30

My iPad deserves a happy little cover such as this because it retains my kiddos joyful while I get things done.

Eclectic Baby Cups & Dishes – GBP 11.95

If this man doesn’t get my kids to eat their veggies this year, then I am afraid nothing will.


Eight-Arms Hook – $48

I am not certain who would like this more as our newest bathrobe hook — my son.

Next: More ideas for storage and business

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Garden Design Essentials: Balance

Garden Design Essentials: Balance

The idea of balance is deeply ingrained in our DNA. We people could not walk without balance. We’re at peace if a scene is balanced; we’re agitated when what we see appears out of balance. We almost intuitively understand “good balance” if it is done nicely, but can we describe why and how a visually balanced surroundings, setting or landscape moves us?

Based on Marjorie Elliott Bevlin, author of Design Through Discovery, balance is a fundamental characteristic of art, and it is separated into three classes:

Asymmetrical, where the two halves of a scene may express the exact same visual weight but are positioned unevenly. Think about how a scale works or children playing on a seesaw. Balance is made by means of a change in weight on both sides of a central fulcrum.

Symmetrical or bilateral, where both sides of a makeup are equal. Think about the human body and the majority of the clothing we wear. 1 side is essentially a mirror of the opposite side.

Radial, where balance emanates from a central core like the beams of a spokes of a wheel. “It’s perhaps the most dynamic kind of balance, for it connotes explosive action,” Bevlin writes.

Understanding balance permits us to decipher why a designed landscape is powerful or not. Here are a few examples that caught my attention.

Natural Balance Home Builders

Asymmetrical Balance

A modern entry garden is balanced thanks to the clever use of lines, plants and materials. Notice the way the graphic entry route creates a visual volume equal to the front door. And the color-block planting bed echoes the loudness of the window. This is a thoughtfully designed space that uses geometry to make a playful balance of many parts.

Grounded – Richard Risner RLA, ASLA

There are no symmetrical elements of the modern patio, nevertheless the components feel balanced thanks to the rectilinear layout “blocks” aligned both perpendicularly and horizontally with all the home’s facade. The stepping-stone “rug” and the part of oat grasses balance well with the strong concrete patio and the pool. These textures and elements are all the more exciting due to the asymmetrical arrangement.

Lee Ann Marienthal Gardens

Asymmetrically aligned with the house, a long, narrow walkway is often the most difficult kind of hardscape to operate with. But here the designer takes advantage of this exaggerated space. A lush, densely planted shade bed more than accounts the linear walk. The urn’s presence brings importance to the setting and provides another nonplant element to the scene.

Studio William Hefner

Symmetrical Balance

Vintage but not obsolete, this French state–inspired residence relies on symmetrical balance. In the placement of this bubbling fountain in the auto court — adapting perfectly with the front door — to the four freshwater trees that are placed two per side, this really is a picture-perfect example of superior balance. The garage has been attached at the left, of course, but it is visually balanced by the dense hedging to the right.

TEA2 Architects

This elegant entry garden conveys symmetrical balance with curved and straight lines. The walkway, front door, columns and trees are displayed in excellent alignment, which makes this space feel relaxed and secure. The gentle curve in the yard reproduces the eyebrow-shaped gable above the front door; collectively they give a softening influence into the darkened space.

River Valley Orchids

Radial Balance

Radial balance is seen here in a totally round cobblestone patio in a quiet shade garden. Think about how ordinary this distance would seem with a conventional flagstone patio or a concrete slab. Using the radial design both energizes and enlivens the garden.

Huettl Landscape Architecture

The slats of the circular arbor span outward such as the frame of an open lover and create a dynamic architectural point of view. Perfectly situated in alignment with all the home in the distance, the structure employs radial lines to add interest to some formal landscape.

Debora carl landscape layout

A Hybrid Strategy

A personal, semiformal courtyard exemplifies symmetrical balance and a hint of radial balance. Aligned with the urn along with the gate, a gravel path moves through the middle of the garden, in balance with herbs on both sides. As the path reaches the small, circular focal point, it splits into two matching crescents; they last around the urn and reconnect to the far side. Including a circular detail to a straight path is a traditional layout tip that turns an otherwise ordinary space into something really special.

Heidi’s Lifestyle Gardens

This abundant entry garden feels completely in balance since the makeup draws on elements that are both symmetrical and asymmetrical. The flagstone path creates a strong, straight axis to the home’s front door. There are many plants that mirror each other on either side of it, including two shade trees that flank the path. But thanks to its freely flowing annuals and perennials that have minds of their own, nothing is too great or too matchy-matchy. And that’s the reason why we’re charmed by this scene.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

The set of raised planters on each side of the timber corridor is a hybrid combining both symmetrical and asymmetrical aspects. They are certainly made from the exact same stone and feature the same square proportions. But there are various textures, shapes and colours of vegetation in every planter, infusing a touch of asymmetrical balance into the plan.

A Fine Balance Makes Your Space

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Teach a Tansu New Tricks

Teach a Tansu New Tricks

Tansus, made by specialized craftsmen called Tansuyas, are amazing storage pieces made with many different woods, such as elm, cedar and walnut. Initially, these pieces were used from the 17th century into the early 20th century as mobile storage, carrying everything from clothes to documents. Now, tansus function as stationary pieces in the home. They can seem contemporary, traditional or eclectic, and frequently are great conversation starters. Their lovely ironwork and various compartments add texture to any room.

When I lived and worked in Tokyo, I would stumble upon small flea markets where local sellers sold their wares. It was at one of these flea markets I bought my first tansu. I didn’t have sufficient money on hand, and the candy Japanese girl insisted that I simply mail it to her. I did, and she delivered it to my small apartment. I have that tansu, 15 decades after, and treasure that memory every time I walk past it.

Continue reading to have a peek at just how designers are employing these traditional pieces in the modern interiors.

Square One Interiors

This tansu serves as extra storage in this master bath.

Adeeni Design Group

This large tansu creates a great focal point in this master bedroom. The detail and texture of the piece is so intriguing that you simply need a few things to complete the vignette. A bonsai, sculpture and a very simple bowl anchor the artwork in this room.

The easy design and low height of the tansu make it the ideal size for an end table for this particular couch. The iron grips provide a great detail in this grand room that is full of sun and hot fir ceilings.

Jeff Luth – Soldano Luth Architects

A stunning, double-height tansu looks as though it were constructed for this room’s layout. It acts as a sideboard into the dining room, and the storage possibilities are infinite. Three easy pendants hang over the dining table, adding to the minimalist Japanese aesthetic.

Philpotts Interiors

This tansu feels contemporary with its simple lines and minimal information. The room’s designer cleverly used a monochromatic palette as a great background for artwork.

Audrey Brandt Interiors

This is a timeless step tansu that will fit with any style. I really like to float these pieces with the tall end from a wall, because they make great room dividers. The graduated measures allow for screen chances.

Charmean Neithart Interiors

Following is a timeless tansu configuration of extended drawers with a locked compartment at the lower right-hand corner. The secured areas are in which valuables were stored when these pieces were used in transport. A white and blue Japanese plate rounds out this conventional vignette.

This double-height tansu serves as a freestanding cupboard inside this kitchen — an illustration of a tansu in a contemporary, pared-down cosmetic.

Global Icons: The Apothecary Chest
6 Great New Uses for a Vintage Dresser
12 Ways to Use a Fantastic Old Armoire

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