Guest Picks: Colorful Appliances

Guest Picks: Colorful Appliances

Instead of adding colour with fresh paint, tiles, countertops or flooring, why don’t you just add a vibrant appliance in your kitchen to decorate it up? It may always be eliminated or exchanged when you sell the house for quick, easy and vibrant alterations. Below are some funky, contemporary, and retro appliances, with colours to match every taste. — Ewa from Delishhh

EatSmart Precision Retro Mechanical Kitchen Scale – $27.75

Should you cook and bake a lot, I am sure you have a scale. But the majority of us (I know I do) have a small plastic digital scale which only sits in the drawer someplace. I would love one of those that I can leave on the counter: not only can it be a classic retro design but also has a large capacity bowl and an over-sized dial for easy reading all in stunning red. Even when you didn’t use a scale I would say to buy one of them for decoration in your kitchen — just use it for fruit instead, like the image.


Espressione 1385O Cafe Retro Espresso Machine – $399.99

Many people want some sort of espresso machine inside their own kitchen, so why don’t you get a funky red one? Not only will you have great espresso but it is going to brighten up your kitchen, too. I love this cool-looking retro design; it even makes coffee-making look interesting!


KitchenAid Stand Mixer Cook to the CureĀ® Edition – $299.99

If you’re like me, you probably have a KitchenAid mixer once you got married, at a time once the choices were only white, black or silver. Today they come in every fabulous color imaginable, and should you bake a lot, this mixer will probably sit in your counter the majority of the time. I’d love a pink one to liven my white kitchen!


BISTRO Toaster Orange – $59.95

I’d love this toaster. Most of us have some boring stainless steel or white toaster sitting on the counter just looking horrible — not only would I love to get rid of my white toaster, but I would love to get you to bring some colour to my kitchen. What I love most about it is that it doesn’t even appear to be a toaster !


BISTRO Electric Hand Mixer Lime Green – $59.95

I love, love, love all about this mixer: the design, the colours, as well as the two cool-looking red buttons. This is just another one of those tools you utilize all of the time, so you want it to be vibrant and fun to use. A perfect hand mixer for a chef.

G-Broil George Foreman Grill – $49.99

I need a new George Foreman Grill. I have a white one that’s difficult to clean, so that I hide it in one of my drawers. These come in all sorts of colours and are easy to use, but above all, they’re easy to clean. This is the only I’ll be getting in a few weeks to replace my old hard-to-clean grill.

Bertazzoni Professional X365GGVGI 36-Inch Gas Range – $6,305

This stove to me is magnificent. Most of us dream about wood or white kitchens but just get stainless steel or black appliances, and why not have your stove stand out with some colour? If you’re going to spend lots of money on a stunning stove you want it to stand out, so splurge on it instead of a vibrant backsplash or artwork.


Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Slow Cooker – $39.99

The famous slow cooker: I haven’t gotten one yet, but I am keeping my eyes open. I understand for most people this toaster will sit on the counter cooking for hours, so why not have something nice there? When I am ready to receive my slow cooker, this is the only I’ll be receiving.

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Cuisinart Classic Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker – $59.95

It’s summer, and I have been making ice cream weekly. Now if I could only have an ice cream maker that looks as bright and tasty as the ice cream I create. This blue colour is fabulous — I’d love to have this sitting on my counter turning all summer long.


Cuisinart 15 Piece Compact Portable Blender – $69.95

I am one of those people who utilizes my food processor every day; when I am not making soup in it, I am creating a dressing or my morning smoothie. What I really like about this one isn’t only as it comes in many different colors that will look great hanging out on my counter, in addition, it comes with to-go cups in matching colours! Perfect for a smoothie on the go.

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Cuisinart SmartStick Immersion Blender – $29.95

Since I invest a lot of time in my kitchen, I feel all of my tools should be colorful and fun to use. I think that is a part of the fun of this — not only creating things but using fun tools to make them too. I’d love to get a blue hand mixer, instead of my off-white one.


Emerson Six Slice Toaster Over – $49.99

Where is your toaster oven? I know mine is sitting on the counter, but I wish I had a pay for this. I am considering getting you to bring a little colour to my kitchen counter. I love the reddish sides — just magnificent.


Hello Kitty Microwave – $70

I really like the idea of a microwave for your kid that may sit someplace lower where they could reach it. I think getting a microwave that’s particularly for your kid, like this cute Hello Kitty one, will make them use it more.


Nespresso Aeroccino and Milk Frother – $99

I love creating lattes, but among the problems is how difficult it is to create steamed milk unless you have these froth machines. You just pour your milk in there and press on the button, it’s as simple as that. Not only do I love this machine for its simplicity, but also the colour too — the ideal addition to my coffee maker.

Cuisinart Citrus Juicer – $29.95

This is just too cute. How a lot of you have a juice squeezer that’s stained and white? I do, and I don’t leave it out due to that. But this one is cute enough to leave out all of the time — I love the lime green colour that will brighten up my white kitchen.

Roma Express Electric Pasta Machine – $169.99

I am a massive pasta lover and’ve always wanted a pasta maker at my property. Most of the pasta makers I have seen around are stainless steel and pretty boring, and as nearly all of them are pretty large you want to be able to leave it on the counter. I think I have finally found the ideal one: the beautifully-designed body and mix of red and chrome are just magnificent.


Swissmar Sierra 11-Piece Meat Fondue Set – $65

I love having fondue parties, and even when I do not have them quite often, I would love this collection as a centerpiece in my own kitchen for decoration. It is stunning, and I love the red kettle with black forks. You may place this on a shelf in the center of the kitchen on top of a counter — it will look good everywhere.

Ascaso Conical Burr Espresso Grinder – $299

If you’re like me, I bet you have a white grinder coffee around it sitting next to the coffee machine — not quite appealing. That is why I’d like a coffee grinder similar to this one: not only can you maintain your coffee beans showing on top as a decorative thing, but also the grinder itself is cool-looking and comes in all these fabulous colours. This is a coffee grinder you definitely want sitting out in your own counter .

Bill Chill Retro Refrigerator – $2,695

Picture: an all-white kitchen with just a pop of orange from this fridge sticking out. Not only do I love its bright colour but also the retro design is awesome too — just have a look at those handles and curved corners. Everyone that comes over will ask you about this refrigerator, and in the event that you can not get one in your own kitchen, try it to your cellar, media room or person cave.


Zojirushi Rizo Micom 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Warmer – $128

Among my most boring appliances would be that my rice cooker: the white shade just ruins my stunning kitchen. Should you cook rice a lot and have your rice cooker sitting out on the counter, this is a fabulous alternative. Sleek and simple, but with just a little colour.

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