Kitchen of the Week: Modern Summer Camp Style at Maine

Kitchen of the Week: Modern Summer Camp Style at Maine

Despite their love of fresh and modern design, this East Coast family of five understood that style was not quite right for their lakefront holiday home. Aiming for a more relaxed style, they hired designer Kristina Crestin to present their home a summer-camp feel that would not conflict with their architectural instincts. “It was a total material palette conundrum,” Crestin says.

She embraced the idea of a modern summer camp with a fresh color palette and rustic barn wood accents. Sturdy concrete countertops, plenty of storage and extra-wide walkways make it comfy and enjoyable to cook and entertain.

Kitchen at a Glance
Who resides: This kitchen is in a holiday home for a family of 5.
Location: On a lake in Maine
Size: 260 square feet

The family wanted a kitchen that could do the job for only them or 20 friends without having to change something. Crestin designed it with huge paths so people may work at the countertop, lean against the cabinetry, chat and bite all at one time. The broad space created a significant work triangle, but the different zones prevent people from running into one another.

Range, hood: Viking, Mint Julep; interior millwork: Dunn Builders; cabinetry: Dunn Builders, Dagtone Woodworks

The kitchen opens to the living room, perfect for a holiday home. The window seat at the end is just 20 feet from the waterline. Thanks to both window walls, the area gets a very clear view of the sunrise and sunset on the lake.

Reclaimed stuff, such as locally salvaged barn boards onto the ceiling, help create a camp texture.

Window light: Boston Functional Library wall lighting, Visual Comfort; bar stools: Crate & Barrel; faucet: Rohl

The window partitions eliminated the prospect of upper cabinetry, however, the large footprint allowed for plenty of storage, such as 36-inch-deep drawers in all the cabinets. A pantry behind the stove area holds large pots, serving meals and smallish appliances not used every day.

Counters: concrete, Stonecraft; paint: La Fonda Olive, Valspar

Pine wood grain is visible through the whitewashed walls. The white helps balance out the rustic barn plank accents. “You can’t have everything,” says Crestin. “I enjoy for a single material to function as sparkly thing in a room.”

Kristina Crestin Design

Despite the large island, the center of the kitchen felt empty, so Crestin encouraged the consumer to decide on a large, architectural lighting fixture. These huge bronze fittings were motivated by the customer’s love of the kitchen fittings in the Nancy Meyers movie It is Complicated.

Island light: Goodman pendants, Visual Comfort

Architect: Art Dioli, Olson Lewis
Contractor: Ron Dunn, Dunn Builders
Photographer: Jamie Salomon

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Kitchen of the Week: Going Elegant and Bright in a 1900s House

Kitchen of the Week: Going Elegant and Bright in a 1900s House

This modern Atlanta kitchen was not working very well with the rest of the historic residence. It had been renovated by previous owners, and few of their home’s 1900s features stayed in this part of the house. “The addition just felt very unfamiliar to the property’s history,” says designer Ili Nilsson.

Nilsson worked closely with the customers to design a brand new kitchen and attached lounge that better match the house and their own lives. Raising the dropped ceiling, putting in new windows and working with a tasteful white palette created the timeless appearance and practical function the family desired.

Kitchen in a Glance
Who lives here: A couple and their two grown children
Location: Ansley Park neighborhood of Atlanta
Size: 750 square feet, such as the attached lounge

Terracotta Design Build

A cedar-wrapped beam visually divides the kitchen in the attached bar and lounge area. The kitchen didn’t need the beams for support; highlight and they function to define the region.

Structurally, the floor-level changes could not be corrected, but Nilsson redesigned the current measures to take up minimal floor area.

Pendants: South of Market

Before Photo

Terracotta Design Build

Renovated by previous owners, the darkened space felt restricted because of its awkward cabinetry design and unnecessary corner cupboard. A single window and a dropped ceiling (shifted from 10 ft to 71/2 feet throughout that renovation) had made the space feel even more dim and enclosed.

Terracotta Design Build

Terracotta Design Build

Nilsson raised the ceiling with a few feet (she could not lift it to the original 10-foot elevation because of new plumbing), took out the corner cupboard and added two new windows to get an open area. Replacing the darkened built-ins with all-white cabinetry made the room feel more spacious.

Two new full-height windows on either side of the stove add more mild. The black window frames break up the white area and blend in with the darkened La Cornue stove.

In place of this corner pantry, Nilsson placed specialized pantry closets in quadrants around the fridge.

Cabinetry: Karl Alspach Construction; hardware: Restoration Hardware; fridge: Sub-Zero; microwave: Samsung

Terracotta Design Build

The customers bought the stunning La Cornue stove before the remodel, but despite the French measurements, it was easy to design into the brand new kitchen.

Hood: Vent-A-Hood; cooker: CornuFĂ© 110, La Cornue

Terracotta Design Build

Ash paneling on the island adds a warm element to the white and black palette. The customers have two older children, and all of them love to have friends over, so Nilsson designed the spacious island with plenty of counter and chairs area.

Bar stools: Bungalow Classic; countertops, backsplash: Calacatta gold marble

Terracotta Design Build

Two built-in dishwashers, extra storage, and recycling and trash receptacles in the island create postparty cleanup easy.

Dishwasher: KitchenAid; faucet, sink: Kohler

Before Photo

Terracotta Design Build

The prior kitchen’s measures had dropped to a closed-off bar area, specifying the two spaces using a change in elevation and floor finish.

Terracotta Design Build

The two rooms are merged with wide-plank oak flooring and subtly split with the cedar beam and measures. The bar and adjoining seating area confront the kitchen, making for easy conversation between the two spaces.

Before Photo

Terracotta Design Build

A single, tiny window and lots of black cabinetry had made the prior kitchen feel a lot smaller.

Terracotta Design Build

Nilsson desired to maximize light and height, so she extended the cabinets to the ceiling. The best cabinets store little-used items; this classic ladder lets the family access what they want.

Your turn: Tell us about your own kitchen remodel!

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Salvage Spotlight: By Boat Hull into Social Hub of This House

Salvage Spotlight: By Boat Hull into Social Hub of This House

One day when the lady met this fellow … they renovated their residence and comprised a showstopping bar island crafted by a sailboat. “These homeowners are a timeless Brady Bunch story: a woman with three brothers, a guy with three sons — they found each other, married and created a family of eight. The children were teenagers at about that moment,” says architect Jean Verbridge of Siemasko and Verbridge. “One of the homeowners grew up with a bar-type space as the social center of the house and wished to recreate that welcoming environment, albeit with a exceptional twist”

Siemasko + Verbridge

This exceptional twist was inspired by another ship bar the homeowners had seen, in addition to their property’s breathtaking waterfront setting, north of Boston, Massachusetts. After viewing a similar bar, they found Davita Nowland of Nauticals of Marblehead, a nautical reclamation expert that specializes in altering nautical salvage material into useful household objects. She helped them secure and salvage the ship from a 1952 Hinckley sailboat.

After they had a conversation-starting nautical form, they had function. The vessel hull bar was carefully planned, quantified, sanded and made operational with a counter counter tops, sink and cabinets added to the hull by expert craftspeople. All this work entailed a group that comprised Verbridge since the programmer of the general renovation, both the homeowners, Nowland and her craftspeople, and required several months.

The beauty of ships inspired the remainder of the bar area; the bar is mahogany, with a gloss finish worthy of a yacht, and the closets have nautical hardware like you would find on a ship, including sailing cleats.

On the bar a TV transforms into a framed mirror when not being used. Behind it beadboard panels were inspired by ship design.

Siemasko + Verbridge

The swimming fish details have special meaning; made of mahogany that matches the bar, each one has another rock eye, representing each one of the kids’ birthstones. They also offer a function. “It’s traditional in using reclaimed wood to get chips, dings and holes, and frequently these regions are treated to disguise the flaws,” Verbridge states. “Here the flaws were renowned as an chance to add interest”

Siemasko + Verbridge

A brass footrest provides a practical touch for relaxation and another nautical touch.

The location of the bar is just off the kitchen close to the casual entryway to the house. The bar anchors one end of a casual living room, complete with comfy lounge furniture, a fireplace, a television and an Elvis pinball machine.

“One of the homeowners was a bartender during his school days; he had a great working knowledge of how a bar ought to function,” Verbridge states. The group carefully planned for pullout trash bins, drawers, a sink, and a marble counter tops and backsplash on this side of the bar. A refrigerator, a dishwasher and a ice maker are integrated to the cabinets on the wall.

“Another detail beyond the use of the vessel hull is that the use of a board floor made out of mahogany and holly strips, found in yachts,” Verbridge states. The rock used on the countertop recalls the large stones along New England’s shore.

Siemasko + Verbridge

The property’s setting, in the gateway to Marblehead Neck, is just the spot for a bar made from a salvaged ship.

Long until they found the ship, the homeowners envisioned the bar as a great spot for family, neighbors and friends to congregate at, and now it is.

Watch more of this beachfront house

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Kitchen Storage: Where to Keep Grandma's Stuffing Recipe?

Kitchen Storage: Where to Keep Grandma's Stuffing Recipe?

For a long time at Thanksgiving and Christmas Time, I found myself investing valuable time hunting for most of the old family recipes…time that could have been better invested in cooking and baking these yummy dishes. One year I tucked them in to apparent sleeves, input them into my computer, printed them from adorable snowman paper, collected all these recipes together and assembled them altogether in an attractive 3 -ring binder. Just what a tension reliever come vacation time that is cooking! No more lost time trying to find Grandma’s melt-in-your- mouth.

Do you possess a particular location in which you keep all your often used cookbooks and recipes? There are a lot of excellent strategies to integrate cookbook storage to the kitchen. Here’s some thoughts you are able to make your own:

Jessica Helgerson Interior Layout

Your cookbooks can look fantastic combined with the other things as well as collectibles you employ in your kitchen on a daily basis.

Tara Seawright Home Design

When cookbooks are kept -in bar, it causes it to be super handy to work these weekly meal programs up.

Soorikian Architecture

Let no room be lost, however little or concealed from view.

Einstein Design Team

Kitchen island book-shelves are being comprised in lots of new building and kitchen renovations.

Conard Romano Architects

You will see book-shelves integrated into all kinds as well as varieties of kitchens as you check out each of the fab kitchens posted on Houzz.

Toc Toc Toc… Entrez!

Have you got old cookbooks which are simply too awesome to put away to the ledge? Group them with other classic collectibles. Not only do you want to have the ability to find them easily if you want them, nevertheless they are going to generate a vignette that is delightful.

In the event that you’ve got a buttery, try to find space where shelving might be used in the larder or close to the entry, to adapt that ever-enlarging cookbook group.

Plenty of kitchens have an integral function/work place with shelving above. Exactly what an excellent spot for conveniently storing cookbooks and recipes.

Becker Architects Constrained

Hereis an effective means to integrate cookbook storage with shelving to your microwave and drawer room for kitchen requirements for those who really have a chance to to style your kitchen.

You understand all these flat, clean cupboard walls you’ve got in your kitchen? Set them to function with a few nifty publication bins. These actually do not seem that complicated to construct. I really like the add-on of the handles! It sort of offers the chimera of drawers which were partly pulled out. That is lots of storage for cookbooks utilizing what might have now been cupboard walls that are clean.

Stonebreaker Contractors & Re-Modelers

In case your kitchen design made a scrawny little place that looked too small to make use of for anything…believe cookbook storage. Floor to ceiling shelving, even if narrow, holds recipes and a good-many cookbooks.

Su Casa Models

If renovating or constructing, take into consideration developing a mini-media heart in a single corner of the break-Fast or kitchen area. Would not this be a wonderful place to keep all these recipes, as nicely as a wonderful place for catching and ingesting the the headlines.

Sunshine Menefee

Bookshelves may be worked right into a kitchen just about everywhere…even between cupboards. Pull-down stands can be found for under-cupboard mounting in the event that you’ll like to get your cookbooks upward off the counter securely away from splatters and spills.

Where does one keep your entire chosen cookbooks and recipes? Have you been capable to find them fast for these getaway dinners? Are you a devoted cook book collector like a specific sister I understand? 🙂 Please discuss your cookbook storage suggestions!