Design Details: Cuckoo for Coffered Ceilings

Design Details: Cuckoo for Coffered Ceilings

So frequently in layout it is the details which take a room from so so to dramatic. A little architectural component like an arched doorway or crown molding could be all it requires to place a chamber besides the pack.

Therefore while it is simple to forget the the ceiling and leave it white, dressing one upwards can actually alter the whole impression of an area. Look up in the event that you are at a loss to get ways to include interest to the architecture of your house — and consider coffers.

Dillard Pierce Style Associates

Just in case you are new to the phrase, coffers are deep-set panels in the ceiling, typically in the form of a grid. The plan detail dates back to ancient Rome, if not further. You may also see them adorning the ceiling of the Pantheon.

Carl Vernlund

Coffers were initially utilized as a structural component, as support beams for the building operating.

Design Solutions

Now, on the flip side ceilings don’t really play a job in the make-up of your home, and are purely cosmetic.

Dijeau Poage Development

We observed coffers around the area in our round-up of Houzz Visitors’ Favourite Kitchens, for example, one revealed here.

Castro Style Studio

And and just why not attempt them outside? Here is a fine veranda with particulars that are coffered.

Castro Style Studio

And hereis a closeup of the exact same veranda. I really like how they comprised a skylight in many of the squares.

Another outside setup.

Sutton Suzuki Architects

White, rectangular-formed coffers are most likely typically the most popular performance of the design.

But colours as well as distinct shapes give a mo Re customized notice to the depth. Select a color that is brilliant and you also are confident to attract on the eyes upwards.

Wm. F. Holland/Architect

This kitchen joins a beadboard backdrop for a lot more curiosity over-head and square coffers.

Design Moe Kitchen & Bathroom / Heather Moe designer

Whether grand and in-depth…

Terrance J Cisco Architect, LLC

… Or refined and straightforward, coffers provide the additional oomph it warrants to a ceiling.

Coveted Home Design

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