8 Best Hardware Designs for Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

8 Best Hardware Designs for Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker-style cupboard doors are so elastic stylewise they can go traditional or contemporary depending on what you pair them with. Cosmetic elements such as lighting, tile and hardware can definitely change the tone and general style of kitchen. Cabinet hardware is frequently known as the jewelry of a kitchen, and just like having an ensemble, it really can alter the total appearance of your space.

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1. Traditional Nickel or Steel Knobs and Bin Pulls

Shaker cabinets are known for their simple, clean lines, and frequently you’ll see them paired with simple, unadorned cupboard hardware. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, you’ll discover that a Shaker doorway is one of the most flexible doors styles available. A vintage-style kitchen with white Shaker cabinets is often seen completed with a combination of classic cup or bin pulls and knobs.


Schaub & Company Northport Knob

Traditionally you will observe knobs on doors and bin pulls on drawers. For drawers 30 inches and wider, two bin pulls are often utilized.

What they do to your kitchen: Insert retro flair.

What they function nicely with: Insetcabinetry with exposed hinges, stainless steel, white marble and honed granite countertops, industrial-style lighting.

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On classic bin pulls, the facial screws are practical; on reproductions the face screws might be artificial, with the pull attached through the back.

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2. Vintage Glass or Ceramic Knobs

Vintage-style glass, also known as Depression Era glass, is just another timeless hardware choice for Shaker cabinets. Having a stained cabinet finish, it is wonderful to create some comparison with the hardware using a white glass knob.

Putting knobs on drawers is a fantastic classic touch, though pulls are more user friendly for ordinary use.

This type of knob comes with and without a face screw, as well as in a variety of colours, translucent and opaque, as well as clear.


1-1/2in. Hexagonal Glass Knob

What they do to your kitchen: Create a historical sense that may go Victorian, Victorian, Arts and Crafts or Hawaiian revival.

What they work nicely with: Glass-front Balcony cabinets, stained wood cabinets, butler’s pantry or scullery-style cabinets, subway tile, white and black kitchens.

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3. Vintage Pulls With Exposed Screws

This type of hardware is reminiscent of classic double-hung window components and can add a fantastic classic or industrial touch to a new kitchen. It seems completely different in a nickel finish compared to in oil-rubbed bronze or antique brass.

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Antique Brass Aubrey Pull – $10

I love the authenticity of this pull with all the screws that are exposed, as it comes at a lot of finishes and sizes, so it may work in lots of different software. I am very partial to classic brass nowadays, especially on counter tops, and I love the high contrast of oil-rubbed bronze white cabinets.

Just what they do to your kitchen: Insert a utilitarian and industrial texture.

What they function nicely with: Other humble and hardworking substances, including subway tile, stainless steel countertops, commercial-style appliances, farm countertops and industrial-style lighting.

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4. Tubular Bar Pulls

A traditional-style kitchen with Shaker cabinets gets a contemporary touch with nickel or stainless steel tubular bar pulls. This sort of hardware is often viewed on slab or flat-panel doorways, but it works equally well on a Shaker-style doorway. Tubular pub brings could be long and dramatic or short and timeless.


Laurey Stainless Steel Melrose Bar Cabinet Pull – $12

Tubular bar pulls are sometimes known as barrel pulls and are provided by almost every hardware company. They are available in a variety of sizes and finishes, so which makes them a fantastic choice if you’re looking to add contemporary flair to your Shaker-style kitchen cabinets.

Just what they do to your kitchen : Modernize it.

What they work nicely with: Long and lanky mosaic tiles, oversize and rectangular tiles, ebony or espresso stained Shaker cabinets, contemporary pendant lighting.

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5. Flat Bar Pulls

inside this kitchen, the hardware’s accentuated length and polished nickel finish add a little modern flair. In the exact same manner a font choice impacts the look of a symbol, the decorative hardware of a kitchen may alter the total experience of this space.

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Italian Designs Vintage Pull – $15.95

Flat bar pulls come in numerous lengths and finishes, from glossy stainless steel to hand-forged bronze.

What they do to the kitchen : Insert a contemporary edge.

What they work nicely with: White or darkened Shaker cabinets, square-edged concrete or stone countertops, full-height glass backsplashes, oversize rectangular tile at a piled pattern.

Glenvale Kitchens

Flat bar pulls are a great way to modernize a Shaker-style cupboard, complementing it with a linear and squared-off appearance. As you can see, when run horizontally and vertically, the hardware really creates a focal point in the kitchen.

Kayron Brewer, CKD, CBD / Studio K B

6. Accented Wire Pulls

This kitchen contrasts more traditional, with tall crown molding, a decorative hood encircle and a bronze faucet, but the cupboard doors are still timeless Shaker.

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Antique Pewter Cabinet Pulls – $5.19

These pulls proceed by various names, but they’re basically cable brings with decorative details.

Just what they do to the kitchen : enable you to add additional decorative moldings and traditional elements.

What they work nicely together: Traditional components such as plate racks, crown molding, bronze accents and decorative hood encompasses.

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7. Arced and Footed Bar Pulls

To get a more classic look, you will find arced and footed pulls. These go by many different names and may also fall into the wire-pull category. These pulls are traditional and just decorative enough without being too fussy to get a Shaker doorway. Mixing finishes on dark and light cabinets helps to create comparison on every and keeps the kitchen from feeling stale.


Belcastel Centers Forged Look Flat Bottom Pull, Polished Nickel

What they do to your kitchen: Insert a more traditional and decorative component.

What they work nicely with: Stone mosaic tile backsplashes, nickel diamond-mesh cupboard inserts, marble countertops using a decorative ogee edge.

Go Ahead: Mix Your Finishes

whenever folks say all white kitchens look alike, I can not disagree more. Just changing the finish of the hardware completely changes the appearance of a kitchen, even when the hardware is precisely the exact same style.

Depending on the other endings on your kitchen, you may think satin nickel, polished nickel or chrome, or oil-rubbed bronze. Do not feel like you need to coincide with the cabinet hardware to the lighting or plumbing fixture finishes. I love to mix finishes using antique brass light fixtures and polished nickel brings to give a kitchen a more collected-over-time feel.

Architects, Battle Associates

When using a couple of cabinet finishes, much like the stained island and white perimeter cabinets displayed in this kitchen, then it is perfectly fine to mix the finishes up of the hardware too! Not everything must match the nickel finish wouldn’t look as great on the stained island as the classic bronze finish does, for example.

See how to combine metal finishes at the kitchen


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Inform us : What pulls do you have in your Shaker-style cabinets?

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