Tips to Get the Best Tree Service

Tips to Get the Best Tree Service

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You might ask yourself; why do I need a tree services Los Angeles, CA professional to come and remove or maintain my tree? You probably feel as though you could just as easily do it by yourself. Truth is, most of us lead such busy lives that there’s simply no time to take care of our trees like we should, and trees do need some attention every now and then, even if it involves a little bit of pruning.

But this takes time and while you may enjoy your yard, you probably don’t know much about felling and pruning trees anyway. As with every activity or possession that you value, the protection and maintenance of your trees are best left to the professionals.

Now, there are many benefits to getting your tree maintained by a professional, but it’s important to have the job done by someone who’s not just knowledgeable and certified, but passionate about tree service as well.

Continue reading to find out what you need to look out for and consider in order to find a good tree removal Los Angeles, CA provider.


A certification shows that your arborist has the knowledge; skills and training required to remove or prune trees safely and efficiently. It’s also a sign that the person takes their profession seriously, and is committed to offering an innovative service that’s based on sound research. So be sure not to just hire any old ‘arborist’, but rather a ‘qualified arborist’.

Proper Equipment

Is your arborist wearing shoes with spikes while pruning your tree? They’ll probably do more harm than good to your tree. Failure to use the right tools and observe the right dress code when pruning trees can prove fatal for the tree itself, so learn more about the suitable gear of an arborist to make sure that the one you hire uses the right tools.


Be sure to vet the tree trimming Los Angeles, CA provider to ensure that they adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration’s (OSHA) standards by wearing the right dress code and having protective gear on hand. Things like ear and eye protection, chainsaw chaps and hard hats all contribute to making the job a lot safer, help to avoid injuries and enable the workers to be at ease while working.

Ask the Right Questions

Ask your arbor questions to test their overall knowledge and passion for what they’re doing. You can tell if someone’s had experience or not by the way they speak about a subject and knowing that your arborist knows what they’re doing will make you feel more comfortable about leaving your tree in their care.

Check Insurance

Most, if not all, certified arborists make it a point to carry their certification with them as a matter of pride and to provide proof when it’s needed. An arborist who makes excuses or is unable to produce their certification on demand is probably not the best person to trust with your tree. As they say, rather safe than sorry.