Checklist: Things To Do in the Garden This Month

Checklist: Things To Do in the Garden This Month

Baby it’s cold outside! Maybe that chill retains your ideas far from the garden, but winter is really a perfect time to fix your mind on the outside. There are tasks to be finished, dreams to be outlined along with housekeeping chores you are going to want to get done this month. Join me as I walk you through an easy record of gardening tasks.

Amy Renea

1. Grow an orchid. Orchids are the ideal plant to purify the winter blues. They bloom mid-winter and are very happy in a sunny window. They generally grow under the upper canopy of jungle trees, so a little bit of colour is just perfect for them. The blossoms last weeks and weeks, and upkeep merely takes several ice cubes per week plus a repotting every few years.

Amy Renea

You can even try growing an edible orchid. Did you know that you can grow your own vanilla plant? That’s right — it’s a kind of orchid. When this puppy grows large enough it’ll grow vanilla beans. Yum.

Amy Renea

2. Grow sprouts. Just because you can’t grow plants out doesn’t mean there is a moratorium on growing them inside. What is good this time of year? Sprouts! Sprouts benefit most of their energy from the seed itself, so that they do not need as much lighting as full grown plants. Boost your lentil, radish or wheatgrass sprouts for healthy additions to your diet this winter.

That little dab of green is also a welcome respite from the arid brown fields of grass and leafless trees.

Amy Renea

3. Plant your pantry. Sprouts aren’t your only option. Try planting potatoes that have sprouted in your pantry. If the potato is sprouting, it will grow!

Amy Renea

This is just another pantry planting success story: Simply cut the top of your pineapple leaving two inches or so of flesh. Plant it with all the leaves right at the level of the ground, and in a few months your pineapple will probably be growing a completely new plant.

Should you look closely at this photo, you can observe the old foliage expansion turning brown towards the base of the pot. The new expansion is that the lush green leaves you see in the foreground.

Amy Renea

4. Plant your scraps. Have you been eating lots of root vegetables this winter? Cut a generous part of the tops and replant them inside. You will surely get tender beet greens to eat and you might have the ability to grow full-fledged beets if your bud is in a glowing, south-facing window.

Amy Renea

5. Plant and bulbs. The window of opportunity has passed for planting spring-blooming bulbs outside, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up bulb planting altogether. It’s possible to locate clearance amaryllis (pictured) and paperwhite bulbs at this time at your local nursery or home improvement store. Snap them up and plant them quick! If they are not soft and rotting, they will grow!

Amy Renea

In a few months, you will have beautiful blooms gracing your windowsills.

Here’s the Way to grow bulbs indoors

Amy Renea

6. Assess on summer bulbs. In case you’ve cannas, glads and other summer bulbs drying in your cellar, now’s the time to give them a quick check. Make sure none of those bulbs or tubers are rotting or covered in mold. If they are, throw them out immediately before they infect the others in your heap.

Amy Renea

7. Make plant markers. Whether you’re planting seeds, houseplants or pantry plantings, be sure you mark the pots! Otherwise you will absolutely forget which marijuana holds what. Take just a little time to make your plant markers stylish. You will be living with them in your home for at least a few months, so select markers or make your own that match with the style of your decoration. This is how I make my mark.

Amy Renea

8. Sow winter seeds. You might have decided against growing sprouts inside, however you will want to have a jump on the growing season by winter sowing your favourite annuals. Whether you stored seed from last autumn’s harvest, or bought them, now’s the time to break out the strands and seed trays and plant.

Amy Renea

Unlike rationale, planting seeds in the snow is natural. Many seeds need the thawing and freezing of winter to crack through their outer shells, leaving them ripe for spouting in the spring.

To learn more about winter sowing, you may go to

Amy Renea

9. Prune your summer flowering plants. Pruning is an essential chore this time of year for your summer-blooming shrubs and trees. Pests and disease are held at bay by the chilly, and you can see the full construction of this leafless plant, which can help you make precise cuts. Cut out branches that are crossing, broken branches, dead wood and limbs that obstruct a view.

Amy Renea

The most important thing to remember while pruning is to leave your spring-blooming trees and shrubs alone. They should be pruned after they bloom in late spring. Do not prune star magnolias (pictured), redbuds or dogwoods, or you will be cutting the gorgeous blooms.

Amy Renea

10. Winter compost. It is a little bit harder to compost in the winter as a trek into the compost pile is a lot more unpleasant than it’s in the summertime. Instead, collect your scraps, place them in the base of an outside pot and cover with soil. When the pot is full, add to the main compost pile. Note: This is just a way for winter, when cold temperatures help keep critters off.

What are your chores to complete this winter in your garden? Are you really making big design plans for the spring? Share your ideas, plans and photos below!

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Houzz Planning

Houzz Planning

A gorgeous door is just one of those subtle necessities that may make a large difference in your home’s style. Like trim or molding, most doors go fairly unnoticed, however they may have a dramatic influence on the look of the room. Because most of us buy or rent homes with the doors installed, we frequently look right past them.

But an interior door is a vital part of a home, and there should be a great amount of thought that goes into picking one. If you’re building, remodeling or just trying to alter the look of a room, choosing a new interior door is an important step. Design, substances, soundproofing and door swing are just a few of the things to consider when sorting through the endless options for interior doors.

Browse photos of interior doorways | Locate an interior designer

Stillwater Dwellings

Door fashions

The style of your door may make a large difference in your home’s design. Feel free to mix and match a bit — it may give your home a fun and diverse look — but try to keep some components exactly the same so that there’s a feeling of flow across the home.

Be sure to pay attention to the overall dimensions and feel of a space. A massive and ornate door may overwhelm tiny rooms, making them feel smaller instead of bigger.

Door swing

You can typically choose between a right-hand or secondhand door swing when ordering or customizing a door. This can determine where the handles and hinges are, and which way the door swings when it opens and closes.

Whichever side the handle is on as the door opens toward you may decide whether it is a right-hand or a door. For instance, a door that has the handle on the right side when it opens toward you is a right-hand swing door.

Ideally, a door should never open into a hall or corridor, so try to bear this in mind when choosing which way your door swings.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Door framing

Framing a door erroneously can quickly detract from the worth of a beautiful and expensive door. Employing cheap framing materials or construction shortcuts may frequently lead to damage on the door, and can cost more in the long term. Be certain that you follow directions carefully, or employ help when buying a new door.

Doors can be purchased pre-hung or as slabs. A pre-hung door comes mounted in a frame with its springs attached to the doorjamb. A slab door comes just as the door itself — you’ll need to set up hinges and the door frame to ensure that the door is hung properly.

Door sound ratings

Interior doorways are awarded an STC (sound transmission class), which measures the sum of of sound loss thought the door. The higher the STC amount, the less sound will pass through the door. Obviously, this will mostly depend on what the door is actually made of. Ordinarily, 25 is about the lower end of the STC scale (most normal speech can be viewed through these doors), 40 is at the center and anything over 60 should be nearly completely soundproof.

AT6 Architecture : Design Build

Kinds of doors

There are nearly endless forms and styles of doorways to consider — particularly as outside door styles (such as barn doors) are very popular in interiors. Before falling for a design, be practical first: How much space do you have? What do you want? 9 types of doorways to contemplate:

1. Sliding doors are usually made of wood, glass or are lined with mirrors. A number of these doorways are used as closet doors when installed at the interior of a home. They occupy a minimum amount of space because the doors slide across the wall instead of swing open.

Ana Williamson Architect

2. Pocket doorways are used all around the home. Most commonly utilized in turn-of-the-century homes, they’ve become more common because of their space-saving construction. Unlike sliding doors, pocket doors actually slide in the wall, instead of across the side of it.

3. Folding doors (usually at a bi-fold form) fold on both sides, and are usually utilised in closets, laundry rooms, pantries and other smaller spaces.

4. Flush doors are more contemporary, simple doors smooth on either side, and generally made of plywood or MDF.

5. Barn doors were, obviously, initially found on barns. But they’ve been adopted for exterior and interior doors on residential homes, and are fantastic for rooms with a more rustic or industrial look.

6. Panel doors would be the most frequent doors seen in homes today. Usually made of wood or MDF, they are designed with a timeless layout of panels.

Tina Barclay

7. French doors possess a frame around a couple of transparent panels, typically filled with glass or a foggy translucent material. There are lots of styles and dimensions of these panels, all of which are meant to maximize light in a space.

8. Dutch doors are divided in half horizontally, allowing the top half to swing open while the bottom half stays closed.

9. Blind doors don’t have any visible trim, handles or hinges. They are intended to completely blend in with the wall — a concealed door!

Door stuff

1. Solid timber: Engineered wood doors can be produced from a wide variety of woods, which makes a difference in the overall cost. Hard and soft woods, including cherry, mahogany, alder, walnut, pine and many others are used fairly frequently, even though the most frequent solid-wood door is your 6-panel pine door. These doorways are generally used on exteriors, but may occasionally be used inside. Keep in mind that solid wood will shrink and enlarge with changing humidity and temperatures, so it is best not to use solid wood doors for a toilet, sauna or other damp setting.

2. MDF: Most interior doors today are made of medium density fiberboard. MDF as it is called is an engineered product, so it is very stable and won’t warp like wood. It also does not have some grain, so it is entirely easy and quite simple to paint.

3. Hollow core: These doors are usually made of plywood or molded composite epidermis. They tend to be less costly because the interior of the door panel is hollow. But this implies that temperatures and sound may pass through the door more easily.

4. Solid core: Like a hollow-core door, a solid-core door comes with an outside skin made of plywood or a molded composite. But a solid core door is filled with a wood fiber mix. These doors have better sound deadening and temperature control qualities than a hollow core door, but are still much less costly as a totally solid wood door.


5. Metal and glass: These doorways are being used more frequently in exterior and interior settings, because they give a streamlined and contemporary look with less muss and fuss than a solid wood door. They do are far more costly than most wood-combination models, but still less costly than solid-wood doors.

See more photographs of interior doors

Houzz Planning: How to Choose a Front Door

10 Outstanding Door Designs

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How to Power Your Home with Renewable Energy

How to Power Your Home with Renewable Energy

Except if you have a big budget, you are probably in search for ways on how you can save on your electric bills. When it comes to this, the best thing that you can do is to invest in renewable energy, such as electrician San Diego. These energy sources can help to significantly reduce your utility bills.

Here are five different ways to power your home using renewable energy sources.

Rooftop Solar Panels

The use of rooftop solar panels is the most popular method of using renewable energy sources. From the name itself, the panels are installed on your roof, although you also have the option to install them in other areas of your house such as in the yard. Depending on the orientation of the panels and other factors, the panels are capable of generating 10 or more watts of electricity for every square foot. An average, a normal house uses at least 1 kilowatt of power, thus, a few square feet of solar panels would be enough for all your electricity needs.

Solar Oven

Another way you can use electricians San Diego to save electricity in your home is through a solar oven. This is basically a science fair project where the electricity from the sun is used to heat food. Using the solar oven is a great way to get started with saving electricity in your home. As you know, ovens use quite a bit of electricity. The device works by trapping sunlight and converts it to energy to be used in heating food. You can choose to buy a solar oven or if you’re someone who’s an expert on DIY projects, you can simply build one yourself.

Solar Air Conditioning

Aside from the oven, the air conditioning system in your home also makes use of plenty of energy. By using the sun to cool your home, you will be able to save a lot on your electricity bills. The solar air conditioning system works by using water to cool your home. It will not only save you money on your utility bills but it’s also eco-friendly.

Hydro Power

Hydropower may not work for most people, however, if your property is somewhere near an area where there’s a continuous flow of water, then this may be a great option for you. This process basically requires diverting the river or stream to flow into a turbine in order to power up your home. There are many ways on how you can go about this and depending on the amount of water and the vertical distance, it should be enough to produce a substantial amount of power to your home. Setting the hydropower up is not easy and you need to hire a professional to install it for you.

Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating is another way to use San Diego electrician in your home. It makes use of the sun in heating the reserve water that can then be pumped towards your showerheads and faucets. This is a much cheaper option than using electricity or gas to heat your home. Moreover, it’s much easier to install, unlike solar panels.

A Bit of Romance

A Bit of Romance

Whether you are thinking about tucking in with your honey or decent read, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to bring just a tiny zazazu to your own bedroom. After all, it’s cold outside, it’s still getting dark ancient and also the most important individual that the room needs to look inviting for is you. So take a cautious look, clear a little mess, include a few flowers and look at this list for a few more suggestions to help your refuge look its best.

Browse more bedroom layouts

Martha O’Hara Interiors

Use controlled pops of colour. A clean, mild space is relaxed, and pops of pink through the plaid vase and throw full of blooms add that additional Valentine’s touch.

Camilla Molders Design

Get the lighting right. Dimmable lights help establish a mood for love, or simply relaxing.

J. Hirsch Interior Design

Make the most of textiles. Soft touches like luxury bedding, throw rugs, drapes and upholstery create an inviting boudoir.

Sealy Design Inc..

Go symmetrical and dark. Of course, not everything needs to be pastel and fluffy. A darker more room gives a sexy vibe.

Leclair Decor

Make the most of an accent wall. Woodsy wallpaper adds a romantic vibe to the minimalist room.


Make the most of your views. The windows in this room give it a lofty treehouse feel. This chamber also incorporates a boatload of textures in a contemporary manner.

Watch more homes with treehouse appeal

Crisp Architects

Light a flame. A comfy fireplace warms a room in more ways than one.

Check out more bedroom fireplaces

Fiorella Design

Turn up the volume, just a two or three. This room is beautifully and thoughtfully appointed, yet something about the pop of bold colour from the bedding and also that modern ring chandelier give it just the right bit of saucy shagadelic-ness.

5 Ingredients into a Romantic Bedroom
TVs from the Bedroom — Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down?
Your Perfect Bedroom: Calm and Airy or Moody and Dark?

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Suggestions for Awkward Living Room Regions

Suggestions for Awkward Living Room Regions

When the majority of people design a furniture program for your living space, they begin by discovering the focal point, then place seats around it. The leftover space can find some bookshelves or pictures on the walls. However, this strategy doesn’t work overly well in bigger rooms, since the space behind the sofa and the wall are too great, which makes the sofas float in the center of the room.

Do you have a wall or corner in the living room that you aren’t certain what to do with? See how designers address these situations.

Karen Maximo-Fernando

A reading seat with a contrasting color scheme makes the monochromatic living space longer edgy.

Cke interior layout llc

The asymmetric treatment within this eclectic room creates interest without overpowering the rest of the furniture.

Rachel Reider Interiors

Here, a pair of dining chairs and small table are put beside the bay window, creating a cozy location. This arrangement is excellent for extra seating when amusing.

Putting a desk in a corner guarantees a well-functioning location. Be sure to install adequate lighting.

Jennifer Grey Color Specialist & Interiors Design

The older mirror tip is used to make this living room look larger, while functioning with vintage furniture to create a cabin feel.

Amy Lau Design

Sculptural tree branches anchor the back wall and then add to the living room’s beach theme.

Jennifer Brouwer (Jennifer Brouwer Design Inc)

The corner of the space has an awkward angle, which makes it difficult to place furniture. However, a unique curio cabinet fits perfectly.

Jace Interiors & CreateGirl Blog

Decorative screens aren’t simply for dividing rooms. This technique may be used as a substitute for hanging pictures.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

A glass console table with a supportive architectural column creates a light and airy wall behind the sofa.

More: 8 Great Uses for a Lonely Corner
How to Arrange Furniture in Long, Narrow Spaces
Brilliant Solution: The Curved Sofa

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16 Favorite Chairs out of High Point Market

16 Favorite Chairs out of High Point Market

After spending last week shopping the 10 million square feet of showrooms at the Fall 2011 High Point Furniture Market, the soles of my sneakers are smoking! Here are my personal picks for preferred seats in the largest home furnishings trade show in the world. All these are either available through your interior designer, or you can check the manufacturers’ websites for retailers near you.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

I discovered this beauty in the Vanguard showroom and believed it was one of the very elegant chairs at the whole show. The shape is just to-die-for and it’s super comfortable. The large scale pattern in chocolate, amethyst and yellow is a show-stopper!

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

I loved the Cline high-backed seat with this bold yellow, gray and white stripe cloth revealed at Hickory Chair. A very new look on a classic style.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

Large scale patterns were evident in all of the showrooms. This citron and lotion pattern was a real standout. Additionally from Hickory Chair.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

Bolier is one of my favourite furniture lines. Their graceful, pieces are fantastic for clean-lined, modern spaces. Many of the pieces are quite minimal, but never boring, as you can see in the detail about this seat back.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

Sometimes these sleek, swooping lines look great, but aren’t comfortable. I definitely was amazed by how wonderfully inviting and comfortable this modern cushioned seat was American Leather.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

Very Star Trek, do not you believe? I would fight Captain Kirk for it, though. Comfortable and it swivels too! From Star International.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

This laser-cut, natural leather chair has enough give. Best for a super modern area. From Modloft.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

I lean toward modern pieces so am normally not into wingbacks, but I loved this updated one at American Leather. The lines, color, and large-scale pattern all work to get a more transitional or modern space.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

Bernhardt had another great looking wingback. The soft gray upholstery, clean lines and absence of nail heads convert this classic into a transitional piece.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

American Leather was one of my preferred showrooms. This little T-back seat fit me just perfect. The back is at just the perfect height for resting your arms.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

Tara Shaw Maison had the most special dining seat. I loved the subdued scenery of ancient ruins to the upholstery and the depth of the little silver handle on the cover of the back.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

This all-wood dining seat from Copeland has such a beautiful shape; it appears like it might just take flight. It works nicely with either mid-century contemporary or modern spaces. For a non-upholstered seat it was amazingly comfortable.

The two-color fabric program with nail heads and timber cap on top are breathtaking details about these dining chairs from Vanguard.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

This seat from Taylor King is a beauty for traditional design, but the yellowish and gray upholstery are completely current.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

Doryas luxury furniture line featured accent fabrics to give classic lines a shot of design.

Pangaea Interior Design, Portland, OR

I just believe this seat is exceptional. Love the suede leather wrap around back with contrasting seat. Just plain cool! From Vanguard.

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Black Wallpaper: Don't be Afraid of the Dark

Black Wallpaper: Don't be Afraid of the Dark

Do you adore black partitions but are too scared to go with solid black paint? Subsequently black background may be a great middle ground for you. A black, patterned background can break up the darkness while still giving your chamber the wealthy beauty of a black painted wall. Browse these black paper ideas to see how you do not have to be afraid of the dark!

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

Sometimes a modern and white pattern can be dizzying. Black with a metallic pattern is a softer contrast.

Judith Balis Interiors

The black in this paper is divided with a tone-on-tone floral pattern. It’s subtle, so it gives the sensation of a solid black.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

A change in sheen is only sufficient to break up an otherwise solid black.

Ferm Living Shop

Branch background – $115

This paper is quite solid yet still split with a white tree branch pattern. In general, it’s a large pattern that could look great in a large-scaled room, but the willingness of the pattern produced up from the slender branches allows it also to work well in a smaller area.

Wallpaper Direct

Quentin’s ABC – GBP 39

A lot of people cringe when any conversation of using black partitions in a child’s area comes up. I think using this chalkboardlike wallpaper blueprint could be perfectly acceptable!

Kerrie L. Kelly

When you state grasscloth, most people initially will think neutral. However, a black grasscloth is a way to go daring while adding a subtle texture. This treatment may look fantastic in styles from modern to traditional.

Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

I love a room with some wackiness or a sense of humor. This confront pattern certainly divides the black. At firms such as Printed Space, you can even have your personal picture digitally printed onto a background that custom fits your area.

F. Schumacher & Co..

Crocodile, Jet

Add an exotic touch to a room with this traditional crocodile-skin pattern. The realistic, nature-inspired style creates a subtly striped texture on the wall.

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