The Way to Paint a Single Wall in a Room

Painting a wall that is focal point in your area is 1 design technique that helps tie all the colors and elements of the room together. Paint the wall with a mural, pattern or with texture to add depth and interest to your decor. You can even mix contrasting or coordinating colors and combine approaches to create room and the wall of your dreams.

Geometric Shapes or Stripes

Give your wall a standout look by painting on stripes or shapes. This is accomplished by simply applying tape straight or in the form of rectangle, a square or triangle across the wall. Many themes, including American and Ndebele, are composed solely of shapes and stripes. When using shapes, the design can be roughly planned by you and then stick on the tape. Paint outside or inside of the tape for effects that are unique. The biggest barrier for painting stripes or geometric patterns is placing the tape outlines on the wall.

Texture and Faux Finishes

Give your accent wall the look of venetian plaster leather or stone using paints that are special. To achieve a faux finish, combine the paint with sand or suede. Use more than 1 texture for a personalized look to the wall. The paint rolls on just like any other paint, once mixed. The drawback is that a paint sprayer cans clog up, so you’ll need to do the job the fantastic old-fashioned manner: using your arms.

Stenciled or Themed

Buy or make your own stencils to decorate the wall. Use the stencils to design a boundary or make patterns that are sophisticated and elaborate onto the wall. You can create a headboard for a bed, butterflies to get a girl’s room or just about any object possible. Overlap and connect purchased stencils to make a spectacle on the wall. Better yet, make your own stencil by printing out the scene you need using the”coloring book” placing on your print program. Publish the spectacle and then follow it. Use this technique if you can’t locate.

Paint Techniques and Special Rollers

Blend two shades or colors of paint to make a dimensional look on a smooth wall. Color washing, rubbing and rag rolling are all methods of applying the paint whilst maintaining the surface of the wall flat to attain dimension. Which means that your prices will remain low, these techniques seldom require any tools to finish. Yet another inexpensive and virtually effortless method to paint an accent wall would be to use a roller. Designs range from mimicking all the processes listed to prints that are stamped. You can even combine more than 1 pattern to make a border or mural type design.

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