The best way to Graft Junipers

The bucolic appeal of juniper bonsai that is traditional makes a unique, eye catching addition to any backyard, plus they’re more easy train and to develop than most folks envision. Material should participate in the conifer family Cupressaceae. Grafting is used to shape or complete the form of a juniper bonsai by including a scion — root or a branch — to the inventory or stump. The scion needs to be approximately the same diameter as the inventory. Graft junipers in the spring or summer. Most species of juniper increase in Sunset Climate Zones 1 although 2-4 and 31 through 45

Grafting Essentials

Select a scion from a different tree or the tree. It shouldn’t be bigger than 2″ broad.

Cut 3/4 to TO AT LEAST ONE 1/2 inch into the bark of the inventory the at or stump angle you want the scion to develop. Don’t cut to the hard-wood of the inventory.

Cut the conclusion of the scion in a form to coincide with the cut you created to the stock.

Insert the scion in to the cut on the inventory. The part of the scion with no bark should encounter the the inside of the tree.

Secure the scion on the stock using a rubberband.

Post Graft Treatment

Wrap a bit of aluminum foil across the graft to keep it.

Wire a plastic bag that is little on the stock as well as the scion.

Use a syringe to inject a tiny amount of water to the bag. This is to keep the region throughout the graft moist.

Poke several holes in the bag to produce the water — when the scion starts to develop — after several weeks.

Remove the bag after about 12 months.

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