New 'Anna Karenina' Sets Inspire Aristocratic Design Twists

Yesterday I had to push my new refresh button, so I hopped over to the Tara movie theater for a matinee of the new Anna Karenina movie, starring Keira Knightly and Jude Law. Set in 1870s Russia, the film is a visual feast; the extravagant costumes and sets stole the show. The majority of the film happened on a continuously shifting stage place, which supposed that fabrics, flooring, light fittings, carvings and wall treatments needed to make a strong impact. Here’s a peek at 11 ways the film could twist current trends.

Lucid Interior Design Inc..

Trend spin: Candelabras rather than single candlesticks. Hefty and ornate candelabras were once a lighting staple, now frequently thrown by the wayside.

Donna Benedetto Designs LLC.

Trend twist: Fur throws go grey. Bye-bye, deep chocolate brown; Anna’s coat may inspire a range of luxe grays and silvers. While a 19th-century Russian aristocrat would have worn real fur, then we will take ours artificial.

Fairford Blue Damask Fabric

Trend twist: Damask in blue. I left the theater with vibrant blue damask dominating my thoughts. We tend to see this pattern in tones such as gold and cream, or ivory and black.

Howard Bankston & Post

Trend twist: Multiple crystal chandeliers. Similarly, 19th-century people desired groups of chandeliers for light; maybe people groupings can inspire us to think outside the single statement crystal chandelier.

Watch how to use double chandeliers

Mark pinkerton – vi360 photography

Trend spin: Gold and ivory harlequin flooring. Instead of the typical black and white harlequin, the flooring at the chunk in the film proved to be a striking oversize ivory and gold pattern.

Elizabeth Gordon

Trend spin: Mirrored displays. One way the point sets were changed was with ornate screens covered in mirror and upholstery.

Trend twist: Silks go dark and rich. While we love the bold and bright silks which are popular now, the sumptuousness of elegant silks in deep burgundy, dark black and purple is mythical.

Siemasko + Verbridge

Trend twist: Needlepoint seats are tasteful again. Needlepoint has been back awhile, in the form of pop picture prints by Jonathan Adler on throw cushions. The movie turns the spotlight back into the original patterns, tasteful florals that coated French bergère and Victorian wood-framed seats.

LDa Architecture & Interiors

Trend twist: Decorating the doorways. Whether carvings, door knockers, leather or upholstry claws, doorways make a strong statement in the film, and the exact same pair of doorways helped us make the jumps from set to set.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

Trend twist: Black velvet is rear. Drape it whatever you need, from couches to your shoulders.

Bonus for George Costanza lovers


Alphabet Wagon – $58

Trend twist: Say it with blocks. If you see the scene between Konstantin and Kitty with blocks, you will recognize a timid percursor to texting adore anagrams and emoticons.

Have you noticed the newest Anna Karenina? What did you think? Let me know in the Remarks section; none of my friends have seen it, and I would love to chat about it!

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