Home Decorating on a Shoestring Budget

Working with a modest budget does not indicate you need to sacrifice great home style. Home decorating can be accomplished on a budget of any size. Though it may require a little additional time, good deals can be located nearly everywhere and can be integrated into your house for a totally new appearance.

Thrift Store Finds

Thrift shops are a excellent place to find cheap items for your home decor. Repaint a weary lamp base and refit it with a new shade. Do not overlook nick-knacks, which may be dull on their own, but grouped together, make a totally new feature. Glass candlesticks of different shapes and sizes grouped on a platter on your house become a striking dining table centerpiece. Porcelain figures spray-painted a single color can be grouped onto a bookshelf as a contemporary art display. Hardback books piled up beneath an entry table give a look of lived-in elegance.


A coat of paint has the ability to lift a space for very little money. Pick a bold color out of an existing painting, rug or pillow in a space and paint the walls in that color, which is not only going to liven up a space, but will tie the existing decorations together. To add elegance, paint trim another, but complimentary color. Paint can also be used to make faux wallpaper. Use another shade of paint out of the base wall shade to make stripes, zig-zags or squares with painter’s tape.

Refinishing Furniture

The most weary piece of furniture can be salvaged with a tiny bit of work and time. Strip off old paint or stain and re-stain timber to freshen up a bit in relatively good shape. If the wood is not in such great shape, counter the whole thing in a contemporary shade. For pieces that need a bit more work, replace feet, handles or trim with new pieces from a hardware shop. Do not be afraid to mix things up by using drawers from 1 dresser and fitting them to the body of another dresser. Chairs can be salvaged by substituting fabric chairs or buying inexpensive chair covers.


Repurposing opens a world of possibilities. Purchase a couple feet of wallpaper that may be too pricey for an whole space and frame it for use as a unique object of artwork. An old door can be used as a coffee table by attaching feet. Old stair rail finials can be painted and used as decorative pieces.

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