20 Fabulously Thoughtful Host Presents

It’s that time of year — you’ll be celebration jumping like crazy, and you’ll need to bring a gift for the host. As long as your host enjoys wine, then you could always quit on the way there for a bottle, but you are going to create a more memorable impression with some thing that you have put some thought to. This may be tricky, since the trend now is to simplify and decrease clutter. Try to find something that your host will really use and enjoy. As a bonus, among the greatest gifts you can offer your host is a last-minute text inquiring when a bag of ice is necessary or if you’re able to grab any last-minute items in route.

West Elm

Boxwood Tree – $24

This little boxwood tree is a charming and useful gift which will initially function as a holiday decoration and may then be placed out onto a porch in its pot or transplanted in the backyard.


Croissants, Set of 15 – $39.95

Among the nicest things you can do for a dinner party host is help out with breakfast the following day. Bring a basket of these delicious croissants, or perhaps a gift certificate to a popular breakfast joint.


Illume Mini Holiday Tin – $25

A scented candle is an time-tested present. I picked this one because of its holiday appearance and its woodsy, wintery balsam and cedar scent. It lends a yummy odor to a home.

L.L. Bean

Fatwood Sack of Kindling Sticks, 15 Pounds – $24.95

If your hosts have a wood-burning fireplace or an outdoor fire pit, they’ll love this superior kindling, which ignites a fire with no paper.


Deluxe Mistletoe Spray – $14.99

You will need to understand your hosts well enough to understand if they’ll think a festive sprig of mistletoe is a fun idea. While it is not an proper selection for a company celebration, it may add some smoochy fun into a casual community get-together.


2013 Calendar – $30

While it’s presumptuous to buy a planner for someone (it is a fairly personal choice), a desktop calendar from Snow & Graham can help someone look ahead into the first of every month, with its new illustration.

kate spade new york

Outstanding Ideas Large Notepad – $10

Everyone could use a little inspiration. Give someone a nudge with a stylish notebook or journal to scribble thoughts, to-dos or memories inside.

See Jane Work

Mixit CD Envelope – $7.50

Ever since the launch of iTunes, personalized blend CDs have become a dying breed. It’s ironic, since iTunes makes them such a snap to put together. Create a personalized blend for your celebration hosts and send it within this clear envelope.

Urban Farmer

Indoor Herb Kit – $19.95

If your hosts love to cook, provide fresh herbs for their recipes. Have them began by preparing the kit so that they’ll have to do is provide sunlight and water.

C. Wonder

Wine Stopper, Monogrammed – $22

One really cannot have too many wine stoppers, since when you have only one, you can’t find it when you need it, or it is not enough when you’ve got more than 1 bottle moving. Add a personal touch with a monogram.


Peppermint Bark – $26.95

Peppermint bark is among those decadent treats most people won’t overpay on for themselves; they’ll only hope someone will think to give them as a present.

White Flower Farm

Ariel Paperwhite Kit in Basket – $49

Among the greatest ways for a gardener to get through the winter is by forcing bulbs inside. Paperwhites are a holiday favorite, and this kit contains everything to get started.

Paper Source

Gratitude Journal – $14.95

Oprah says you should write down five things you are grateful for every single evening. Pass this tidbit with your server when you pass him or her this gratitude journal.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart’s Cookies: The Best Best Treats to Bake and to Share – $15.98

It’s tough to find the time for holiday baking. Supply your host with a recipe, cookbook or gift certificate to your proper baking app. Put that with all the components and wrap everything in a pretty piece of cloth. If your hosts do not like to bake, make something yourself and give it as the present.

Stonewall Kitchen

Apothecary Jars | Stonewall Kitchen – $24.95

Purchase some useful food containers the recipients will use every day. Fill the container with snacks and treats that your host can place out for guests and family over the holidays, like nuts, Chex Mix and coconut-covered bonbons (you can scoop these up at Trader Joe’s for a song).


Perky-Pet Sunflower Lantern Wild Bird Feeder – $19.39

If your hosts are bird lovers, give them a feeder along with a bag of seeds. Another part of your present should be helping them set it up and hang it in a fantastic spot where they can view it from inside.


Felted Polar Bear Ornament – $20

Bring a fun ornament to assist your hosts cut the shrub. If you’re having trouble finding one, check out this list of decorations for every single kind.


Backyard Bocce Set – $14.95

You will need to do a little recon for this next suggestion, a game. When it’s bocce, cornhole, Scrabble, backgammon or Yahtzee, you’ll have to pick a game your hosts do not already have and will love.

If you’re going to become a houseguest, be doomed. Call and say something like, “Hey, I thought it would be fun to bring a few games for us to play together. Do you already have Monopoly? How do you feel about Yahtzee?” Then you can grab the game that’s missing from their collection.


Fabric-Wrapped Soap – $9

Soap is an old standby, but here’s the thing: It’s something most people don’t often treat themselves to. Another gift-soap hurdle is that occasionally the wrap is so amazing that people do not wish to really tear it apart and use the soap itself. This floral soap comes wrapped in a lovely reusable fabric that protects that issue.


Butterfly Notecards, Set of 8 – $100

This is a time of year when people send a great deal of thank-you notes. Choose or create cards that you think will suit your server and, as a bonus, throw in a sheet of stamps.

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